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Listen to David’s Q&A to find out how someone becomes a voice actor 

David is one of the main voices of the award-winning "NoSleep podcast", a hugely popular horror anthology series that had, just before the lockdown, completed a very successful live tour in the UK and EU. He is a regular contributor to several other voice-over projects including podcasts like "shadows at the door" and audio dramas. In addition, he has narrated the works of Idries Shah for Audible.

Ault, an astrophysicist by training, is also a science communicator in his spare time and as a graduate of Cambridge University (Christ's college) himself, he has been very enthusiastic and excited to engage again with his alma mater. He very kindly agreed to be a guest at our "Lucy in Lockdown" series on the 6th of May at 5:30pm. He talked to Lucy’s Postdoc community about himself and his career and gave some fascinating insights in the interactive Q & A session.  

David describes his time at drama school, recording in the linen closet - which raised a few eyebrows – and his initial attempts to start work touring round theatres doing science presentations for schools. This is a truly inspiring and heart-warming story – watch and listen.

Be sure to check out his web site and some of his main works via the links below! You can also follow him on twitter