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Human, Social & Political Sciences Student Rosie Chen tells us about the benefits of Lucy Cavendish Bridging Course

“Before the official start of my education at Cambridge University, I took part in the Bridging Course organised by our lovely Lucy Cavendish College.

I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to participate. I was able to better adjust and get familiar with the environment. I had a taster of supervision and had time to meet my DoS in advance. In addition to that, I participated in various activities that helped me meet other freshers and easily make friends. 

Without taking part in Lucy’ Bridging Week, I would definitely have felt more uncertain about my life in Cambridge. One of the aspects I enjoyed the most is the welcoming formal dinner as I had never had that kind of experience before (and the dessert tasted really good). In general, I have benefitted a lot from bridging week as I now feel more settled in and supported in all aspects. I would definitely encourage any fresher to take part. As a Lucian, I am very proud of our community because everyone here is friendly and kind to one another - you will not easily feel homesick, lost or helpless as there is always someone to turn to.”

With your support during LucyGives, Lucy will spearhead two revolutionary programmes – the Bridging Course and a student co-led Research Programme - ensuring that the lived Cambridge experiences of all our students are dramatically improved. We will level the playing field, making sure that all students - irrespective of background - have an equal chance of unlocking their academic potential, starting as soon as their first year begins. 

In this way, your support will bridge the gaps in academic attainment and subsequent career progression that students from under-represented students at Cambridge would normally face, helping to boost social mobility.

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