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Lucy Cavendish College collaborates with Cambridge JBS to nurture present and future entrepreneurs

Cambridge is recognised around the world as a unique environment for translating ideas, inventions and discoveries from all disciplines into new products, services or solutions (the Cambridge phenomenon).

At Lucy Cavendish College we support your enterprising vision and closely collaborate with the CJBS (Cambridge Judge Business School) that offers programmes and support for the University of Cambridge’s entrepreneurial talents.

Among them, the Master of Studies in Entrepreneurship, delivered by the CJBS, combines an academically rigorous curriculum with a learning-by-doing approach facilitated by mentors, peers and industry practitioners. Their cohort consists of nascent entrepreneurs looking to jump-start their business, and more experienced entrepreneurs who have achieved some success but crave a deeper understanding of the drivers of success. They also welcome entrepreneurs who seek to understand how they can better utilise the principles of entrepreneurship to drive their organisations forward.

Accelerate Cambridge is a start-up “accelerator” established by Cambridge Judge Business School in May 2012. The purpose of the accelerator programme is to enable and nurture venture creation from Cambridge University. Accelerate Cambridge offers a structured approach of three-month programmes that combine entrepreneurship training, regular coaching and mentoring, as well as access to a shared workspace.

Several Lucy Cavendish College students are either students or alumnae of the Master in Entrepreneurship and are part of the Accelerate Cambridge Programme.

Lucy Cavendish College MSt student Nicola Filzmoser (Entrepreneurship in Healthcare Innovation) in partnership with Cornelius Palm, is developing Happyr Health, an app to support children who suffer from migraines and their parents. It delivers the recommended first-line, preventative treatment, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), in a playful way.

Lucy alumna and Postgrad student, Mst Entrepreneurship, Ruby Pillai has started iWarranty, a cloud-based solution to eliminate existing paper-based warranties and manual claim processes. Ruby’s vision for her start-up is to create a sustainable warranty ecosystem that benefits consumers, manufacturers and our planet.

Lucy alumna Jo A. Llana, Postgrad student, Mst Entrepreneurship, is an American entrepreneur who founded, a luxury travel website where she currently holds a portfolio of over 150 feature articles for the finest hotels, restaurants and excursions from all over the world. TheXperienceHQ brings a community of modern, tech-savvy, well-travelled individuals that keep their minds open to new cuisines, fashion, art, culture, style and travel concepts.

Lucy Cavendish College welcomes enterprising students who are passionate about making an economic or social impact beyond their education or research with us, typically to starting or joining a business or social enterprise. Make your impact.