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Lucy student Karen Thomas (Public Health and Primary Care, 2017) and Professor Margaret Grieco tell us why studentships are key to finding globally impactful solutions

Professor Margaret Grieco and her husband Professor Ravi Kanbur have funded Karen’s research into post-stroke fatigue since 2017, when they established the Malati Kanbur Studentship.

Professor Margaret has been a member of the College since 2001, a Senior Associate of Lucy since 2016 and is Professor Emeritus at Edinburgh Napier University. She is widely published in the fields of gender, education and transportation. 

Margaret said: “I’ve been particularly privileged to fund the Studentship for Karen Thomas in stroke research. This is a cause which is very dear to my heart, and I would recommend that all people think about the impact their support of future Lucy students can have.”

Karen is a Chartered Physiotherapist and her research focuses on the treatment of post-stroke fatigue in the community, which she describes as “a common and debilitating condition affecting stroke survivors’ quality of life, mood state and mortality risk”. She has presented her research at various conferences and won an award for Best Abstract (co-presented with fellow Lucian, Chloe Gamlin) at the NMAHP conference - this research was also published in the British Medical Journal.

Karen said: “Post-stroke fatigue in one of the most common effects of stroke. However, the research that I am looking at is very under-researched and under-funded, so it is thanks to Margaret that I had the opportunity to input to that area. I am honoured to have been chosen and would like to thank Margaret and Lucy Cavendish College for their support.”

For her research, Karen has now been awarded the prestigious Healthcare Leadership Academy (HLA) scholarship and will be working on a project to showcase healthcare professional leaders who have made important and innovative changes to improve clinical practice. She will be joining the talented cohort of 2020-2021 HLA scholars and undergoing her leadership training in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Margaret commented: “We’ve been so pleased with the experience that we’re ready to fund - that’s my good husband Ravi Kanbur and myself - yet another studentship in the name of his mother who had problems with strokes. Karen has been such a delight, such a performer… So thank you Karen, and thank you to Lucy Cavendish and to the Department of Public Health, for bringing research on strokes into the front of the field.”