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Lucy Cavendish Archaeology and Anthropology DoS explains how human remains can tell the life stories of the deceased

The long dead can help us in understanding ancient cultures and the recent dead, examined in forensic cases, can often be identified through study of their remains. Corinne works in both worlds, and talked about how osteoarchaeology and forensic anthropology are used to tell these stories, sharing examples from her own work.

You can watch the full recording here:


Corinne kindly made the College the guardian of the largest collection of skeletal remains in the University. The Duhig skeletal collection will be based in our Library and available to students to help with learning.

About Corinne

Dr Corinne Duhig teaches in the Department of Archaeology and the Institute of Continuing Education at Cambridge. Her specialism is the study of human remains, and her main, although not exclusive, focus is ancient Egypt. Corinne is a Senior Fellow of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research and a College Research Associate and Director of Studies in Archaeology at Lucy Cavendish and Wolfson Colleges. She runs the osteoarchaeology and funerary-archaeology consultancy Gone to Earth and worked for many years in forensic archaeology and anthropology.