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 Maria has been awarded the prize for her significant contribution to college life

During Maria’s time at Lucy she prepared for the priesthood at Westcott House and was on 'attachment' at Kings College Chapel as part of her training. This, amongst a host of other things, included preparing and giving sermons in a Chapel which carries so much history and is so well known worldwide.

Maria says:

I was hugely honoured and surprised to receive the Emmeline Pankhurst prize. Emmeline Pankhurst was immensely clever and continued to educate herself throughout her life. She fought for greater equality of women, and also for women to fill the opportunities that were formally open, but possibly not so socially.  Most importantly she continued to open the opportunities  for women to participate in the broadest spectrums of society and contribute to shaping their own lives and create a better society. It is with this example in mind that it was such a privilege and a pleasure to attend Lucy Cavendish and to share in the life of like-minded staff and students. To have been given a prize for making a contribution to college life of such a college is a great honour and spurs me on to take the spirit of Emmeline Pankhurst and Lucy Cavendish into my work as a Danish priest with the widest strata of society to make the world as dynamic and inclusive as possible. Making sure that everyone is able to contribute and develop their gifts for the common good.”