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Rebecca is the first from her family to go to University and will join Lucy Cavendish College next October.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I grew up and live in the Scottish countryside, in rural Dumfries and Galloway. I am a mum to 3 dogs, and having always had lots of pets meant that my interest in veterinary medicine started when I was quite young. After eagerly asking my local vet for work experience, the 7-year-old me was devastated to be turned down. I then got to see the look of surprise on the vet’s face when I turned up again 8 years later with the same determination (and a bit more knowledge about what the profession actually involved). Now that I’ve done a lot more work experience, I’ve realised that I would like to work more with exotic animals, and maybe even be a vet working in a zoo once I’ve graduated! I’m into sport, and would love to give rowing a shot at Cambridge. I also play the guitar, and can’t wait to try out the music pavilion at the college! 

Why did you decide to apply for veterinary medicine? And why Cambridge and Lucy Cavendish College?

I love getting to experience new things, so one of the main reasons I wanted to be a vet was because of the wide variety of things you can go into with your degree. Cambridge will give me the opportunity to explore and try out many different interesting aspects of veterinary medicine. Coming from a small rural town, there is an appeal to getting to live and study in such a beautiful city. But, despite the size of the university, it still has a homely feel, and this was what confirmed my decision to apply. To be a vet you also need a love for people as well as a love for animals. I applied to Lucy Cavendish because it is one of the most diverse colleges in Cambridge, and I’m excited to meet new people and get involved in university life by joining some of the many clubs and societies that the college offers! Another reason I wanted to apply to Lucy Cavendish was because it has a high percentage of students from state schools, and since I was coming from a school with a low progression rate to university, this was important to me. Lucy Cavendish was also by far the friendliest and most inclusive college that I visited, and it also happened to be conveniently placed for me to get to the vet school – making it the perfect choice! 

What inspires you? 

During the application process, I was inspired by thinking about the future I could have at Cambridge, and now that I have got a place at university, I’m inspired by the difference I could make in the future as a fully qualified veterinary surgeon. I love a good challenge, and I’m looking forward to the challenges of vet school and am excited to see what the next 6 years at Lucy Cavendish holds! 

How did you find applying for your course? 

Being the first in my family to attend university meant that I didn’t initially know much about the application process. Especially since I was a Scottish student applying to an English university. However, I soon realised there was a lot of help and advice available from the university. The staff at Cambridge – and especially Lucy Cavendish – were invaluable in giving me support, and helped me to feel confident throughout the whole process. The best part of the application process was the interview. Despite being originally apprehensive, I was surprised to find that I enjoyed it! The staff instantly put me at ease, and it was interesting getting to talk about my subject in more detail.  

How did it feel to receive the offer letter?

I think shock was actually the first thing I felt. Then after that it was a mix of relief and excitement. Results day is a nervous time for everyone, and it was great to know that all my hard work had paid off. I still haven’t gotten over the surprise of finding out I have a place at my dream university, and I’m now counting down the days for my course to start!