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Join us for this fascinating virtual talk in which Lucy Research Fellow Dr Suhail Dhawan discusses explosions in the universe.

This talk is also part of Lucy Cavendish's Anna Bidder Series.

This talk will discuss some of the brightest explosions in the universe, that we can see when the universe was younger than half its current age. Dr Suhail Dhawan will also talk about his work on measuring the expansion rate of the universe using these explosions.

About the Speaker

Dr Suhail Dhawan completed his undergraduate studies at Delhi University and a masters at UCL. His PhD was at the European Southern Observatory in Garching bei Munchen, and his degree from the Technical University Munich. Before joining the IoA Cambridge, Dr Dhawan was a postdoc at the Oskar Klein Center in Stockholm. Apart from astronomical surveys and cosmology, Dr Dhawan is passionate about animal welfare activism, trying out stand up comedy and roasting artisanal coffee.

Please register to receive Zoom joining instructions for this event. This event is free and open to all.