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Let's come #TogetherForLucy... and build a College Collage!

This is our chance to show what makes our community of alumnae and friends so special – a diverse network of supportive people intent on making a positive impact on the world. To get involved, all you need to do is share something showing your link to Lucy in a social media post (adding the hashtag #TogetherForLucy). Alternatively, you can email your submission to  

All submissions posted with the hashtag, or received by email will feature in a ‘college community collage’ celebrating the warmth and goodwill of the global Lucy community.

The possibilities are endless, but here are some suggestions for possible contributions: 

  • A photo of yourself at Lucy ‘then’ and a photo of yourself recreating that ‘now’
  • A written contribution sharing your favourite memories of your time at Lucy 
  • A sketch or drawing of something which reminds you of Lucy 
  • A selfie wearing your favourite Lucy stash or Lucy colours 

What’s more, thanks to the generosity of a Lucy supporter, if members based in at least 12 different countries take part in #TogetherForLucy, an additional £100 will be released towards LucyGives Giving Week! For more information on how you can support LucyGives, please click here

Please contact the Development Team on with any questions. We look forward to your participation on Saturday 24 October as we come #TogetherForLucy!

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