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Dr Aishwarya Jacob akes you through the challenges and key findings of her career from cancer-related research to Cardiovascular Biology

Dr Aishwarya Jacob has always had a passion for cancer biology and, when she was an undergraduate student working towards a degree in Biotechnology, she made herself two promises: that her research would relate to no disease other than cancer and that she would never venture into the world of RNA Biology.

However, life had different plans for Dr Jacob, who began to specialize in pre-mRNA splicing mechanisms, or RNA Biology, as a graduate student. As a post-doctoral student, she shifted the focus of her research to Cardiovascular Biology at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge in a collaboration with the Wellcome Trust Stem Cell Institute.

Dr Jacob has spent the last four years in the UK after studying for a B.Tech. in Industrial Biotechnology at India’s PSG College, Anna University, and a PhD in Molecular Biology from The Ohio State University in the USA.