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Our classes of Fellow are as follows:

Governing Body Fellows

Governing Body Fellows are employed by the University and its research institutions or by the College.  They are primarily engaged in teaching and research and may have responsibility for teaching undergraduates in their subject as well as for supervising graduate students. Some Governing Body Fellows hold senior administrative roles in the University or in the College rather than academic appointments. They are all members of the College’s Governing Body and are Trustees of the College, together with the President who is the Head of the College.

Emeritus Fellows

Emeritus Fellows are usually retired Governing Body Fellows who have served on the Governing Body for a minimum of 20 years before retiring or who have made a significant contribution to the College during their tenure. Some Emeritus Fellows remain active in research.

Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows are distinguished people from academe, the arts, sciences and public life, as well as past Presidents of the College; they support the College, helping to raise its profile and take an interest in its activities.


Fellow-Commoners are people who are active and particularly distinguished in their field and whose association is beneficial to the College.  They contribute to many aspects of the College.

Research Fellowships

Research Fellowships are prestigious appointments for researchers at the beginning of their academic careers and are usually held in a College but with Departmental affiliation.  Currently our Research Fellows are undertaking projects focussed on 21st century important issues.


Bye-Fellows  help to support and strengthen teaching in priority areas and in other academic-related activities of the College. They normally have experience of the Cambridge system but may already be Fellows at other Colleges and so cannot also be offered a Fellowship at Lucy Cavendish College

Visiting Fellows

Visiting Fellows are usually distinguished academics from other universities in the UK and overseas who are based in Cambridge to undertake research, usually while on sabbatical leave from their home institution.  They contribute to the academic vitality of the College.

In addition to these classes of Fellow, the Governing Body also appoints:

Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars are usually at an earlier stage of their academic research career or are doctoral students from other universities undertaking a programme of research at the University of Cambridge.  We welcome them into our community and seek to link them to existing postgraduates and researchers in the College.

Research Associates

Research Associates are post-doctoral researchers (postdocs) based in University Departments and associated research institutions who have been offered affiliation with the College to encourage interdisciplinary research, especially as it relates to 21st century “grand challenges”.  They contribute to a sense of community both academically and socially with the graduate students.

Lucy Cavendish Associates and Senior Associates

Lucy Cavendish Associates and Senior Associates are people in the wider Cambridge community and beyond; they contribute to the College through their participation in events in the College. This group represents a valuable external professional network for College members.

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