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Degrees and Honours

PhD Cantab

BSc Hons University College Dublin

Position in University

Lecturer in Educational Development (Imperial College London)


Annette did her first degree in Zoology at University College Dublin, afterwards moving to the University Museum of Zoology in Cambridge for her PhD.  After completing she spent two further years in the Museum, before moving to the university’s Graduate Development Programme, where she was first a University Teaching Associate and then an Advisor to the programme.  There she developed training in teaching and transferable skills for graduate students and designed and ran the first year of the HEA-accredited Teaching Associate Programme (TAP). She joined Imperial College London in 2008, and has had various roles including Course Director of the MEd in University Learning and Teaching.  She still teaches and supervises across all stages of the course, and now divides her time and roles between Imperial and Lucy Cavendish.

Research Interests

My past research interests centred on the evolution of body size in mammals.  More recently I am interested in ideas of transition into University, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and the possibilities for transformative learning particularly at Masters level.