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Degrees and Honours

PhD (Forensic Psychology, King's College London), MPhil (Clinical Psychology, King's College London), MPhil (Criminology, University of Cambridge), AFBPsS, C.Sci.


Isabel Clare is a Fellow & Tutor at Lucy Cavendish. She is a Consultant Clinical & Forensic Psychologist in the NIHR’s Applied Research Collaboration East of England, and works clinically in the local mental health NHS Trust. Isabel is also an Affiliated Lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry.

Research Interests

People with learning (intellectual) disabilities and/or autism spectrum conditions,  focusing on suspects and defendants in the criminal justice system; everyday/legally significant decision-making; and dementia in people with Down Syndrome.

Publications (selected)

Bellamy, R., Ring, H., Watson, P., Kemp, A., Munn, G, and Clare, I.C.H. (2021). The effect of ambient sounds on decision-making and heart rate variability in autism, Autism.

Mak, E., Grigorova , M., Beresford-Webb, J., Malpetti, M., Walpert, M., Brown, S., Jones, E., Clare, I.C.H., Hong, Y., Fryer, T.,  Coles, J., Aigbirhio, F., Menon, D., Nestor, P., Holland, A. and Zaman, S. (in press). Measuring cerebral perfusion with [11C]-PiB R1 in Down Syndrome: associations with amyloid burden and longitudinal cognitive decline, Brain Communications.

Fonseca, L.M., Padilla, C., Jones, E., Neale, N., Haddad, G.G., Mattar, P.G., Barros, E., Clare, I.C.H., Busatto, G. F., Bottino, C.M.C., Hoexter,, M.Q., Zaman, S. and Holland A.J.(2020). Amnestic and non-amnestic symptoms of dementia: An international study of Alzheimer's disease in people with Down's syndrome, International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. doi:10.1002/gps.5283.

Redley, M., Lancaster, I., Pitt, A., Holland, A., Thompson, A., Bradley, J.R., Glover, G., Thomson, K., Jones, S., Herbert, B., Holme, A. and Clare, I.C.H. (2019). ‘Reasonable adjustments’ under the UK’s Equality Act 2010: An enquiry into the care and treatment of patients with intellectual disabilities in acute hospital settings, J. Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities. doi:10.1111/jar.12623.

Vella, L., Ring, H.A., Aitken, M.R.F., Watson, P.C., Presland, A. and Clare, I.C.H. (2018). Understanding self-reported difficulties in decision-making by people with autism spectrum disorders, Autism, 22(5), 549-559. doi:10.1177/1362361316687988.