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Microbiology Society


Jane Greatorex is Senior Tutor, Undergraduate and Graduate Tutor and Director of Studies in Pre-Clinical Medical and Veterinary Sciences at Lucy Cavendish College. She has had a long career in academic and clinical science, specializing in the blood borne viruses and, until September 2017, was responsible for streamlining and improving HIV diagnostic services at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge. As a scientist used to working in high containment laboratories, she was a team leader in Sierra Leone during the Ebola outbreak in 2015 and remains on the list of scientists that may be called upon to respond in the event of a similar occurrence. She remains involved in a number of research projects, specifically exploring the use of next generation sequencing for the identification of resistance mutations in HIV and human herpes viruses. Jane also maintains an active research interest in the Influenza virus, most recently working on the shedding and survival of H1N1v (“swine ‘flu”).

As Senior Tutor at Lucy Cavendish, she is responsible for the admission, education and welfare of all the students, in which she is assisted by the College’s tutorial team and Directors of Studies. She plays an active role in recruiting Junior Research Fellows and Post-doctoral Research Associates to the College, enhancing the academic depth and scope.

Jane teaches in the University, lecturing Masters students, and supervising undergraduate projects and dissertations.

Publications (selected)

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