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Welcome to Nautilus 19, where we feature four incredible alumnae

This Nautilus edition includes the new President of the Lucy Cavendish Alumnae Association, Catherine Quinn. You may have met Catherine before, either in her role as the Captain of the Boat Club or in her current post with the Development Office, where she organises development and alumnae events. Here she introduces herself to our Nautilus readers.
It was during two of these events, one in Manchester and the other in Oxford, that Catherine met two of our other contributors, Natasha Giannousi-Varney, who has pursued a career in Finance, and Dr Alison Rylands, a medic. You can read their fascinating pieces in this edition.
We have also included an interesting and timely piece by Dr Sarah Morgan, a current Research Fellow, who is passionate about raising the profile of women in science, especially in Physics. She currently pursues important work on the interface between Physics and Psychiatry, which aims to improve the lives of schizophrenic patients.
So, we are pleased to be able to showcase three more Lucians, who have blazed the trail of women in their respective careers. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading their articles.

Judith Roberts

(Photo credit: 'Crocuses' by Sir Cam @camdiary)