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Lucy Cavendish College is supporting students to develop an enterprising mindset and embrace new opportunities.

The Lucy Enterprise programme - LucEnt – is well underway for this year.

Kicking off with Bridging week, Lucy Fellow, Bruno Cotta, provided undergraduate and graduate students with an introduction to the College’s initiative to support all its students to develop an enterprising mindset. Throughout the term, students have taken the opportunity to engage in a series of informal Friday afternoon idea surgeries and Saturday morning brunches to test and shape potential projects and meet other like-minded peers.

The programme had its official launch for 2022 at Formal Hall on 4th November with our guest speaker Lord Karan Bilimoria who inspired the next generation of Lucy students and alumni to “…aspire and achieve, against all odds, with integrity.” As term drew to a close we also held a winter social event which brought students, Fellows and friends of the College together to exchange ideas and build connections. Vishal Gulati was our guest, who spoke about the importance of teamwork and multi-disciplinary collaboration as the programme continues to encourage Lucy students to engage with each other and their colleagues in the wider Collegiate community.

The new Lucy Enterprise Society has also been active this term and helping to spread the growing spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship at the College. The programme of coaching and networking continues next term towards the LucEnt Challenge.

Sponsored by Cambridge Precision Ltd, the competition invites students of the College to combine their knowledge, skills and experience in a multi-disciplinary team to identify an enterprising solution to a challenge relevant to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Selected teams will attend the Lucy Enterprise Weekend (10-12 March 2023), where they will explore their proposals in detail, receive mentoring and present their ideas for the opportunity to win up to £1,000 towards implementing their vision.

Entries can be made by clicking here until Friday 10th February and should include

   - Your team name and members

   - The challenge identified, relevant UN SDG and what you aim to do to address it

   - The resources you'll need and the potential impact

   - What you will spend the prize on

Good Luck to all entrants!