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What I support

Lindsey has supported numerous students in financial need, ensuring they could take up their place at Cambridge and thrive. Lindsey also established the Lindsey Traub Sports Fund, supporting Lucy students partaking in University-level sport.

Why I support Lucy

"I joined Lucy Cavendish College in 1993 as Admissions Tutor, just as the College was preparing to expand from 50 undergraduates to as many as we chose to admit. It was an extraordinarily exciting time – of building, recruiting, raising our profile and growing our reputation. I had completed my PhD at Clare Hall as a mature graduate student the year before and was already a busy supervisor in English when I was appointed. To my job in Admissions was then added College Lecturer and DOS in English. I loved that part of it of course and happily continued when moving from Admissions to Vice President under Pauline Perry.

What a wonderful life! To be a part of the explosion of Lucy Cavendish meant sleepless nights, triumphant camaraderie, intellectual and social challenges – and rewards – beyond anything I could have imagined. It is thrilling to know that even as academic demographics change, Lucy’s role is still to encourage and support access to Cambridge University for anyone who could thrive here, whoever they are and wherever they come from. How could I not want to give and give to help that to happen?  The brave and pioneering Lucy ethos completely changed my life and I want to do all I can to be able to hear others still saying the same!"