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Dr. Maria Antonieta "Antoinette" Nestor, completed her PhD at the School of Law, Trinity College Dublin where she specialised in community economic development lawyering.  She also holds a Bachelor of Civil Law degree from University College Dublin (UCD) and an LLM from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) where she pioneered the Public Interest Law & Policy specialisation. She is also a trained legal interpreter and translator, and holds a diploma in journalism.  She is also an Associate Fellow at the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law (CISDL) and Secretariat member at the Climate Law and Governance Initiative (CLGI).

She is also the Founder of A Toy’s Life and Beyond, a social enterprise based in Cambridge, whose purpose is to teach children and their parents about recycling and the circular economy in a fun way. She is also the producer and host of The Eddington Hour, a community radio show that brings an insight into the new neighbourhood of North West Cambridge (on hold at present).

Her research interests include the intersection of climate repair and public interest law, particularly community economic development, as well as climate change law and the role of community law centres in climate justice issues.

Antoinette works as an Engagement Manager for Cambridge Zero and the Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge.