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Julia is a Research Associate within the Programme on Prevention of Diabetes and Related Metabolic Disorders in High Risk Groups in the MRC Epidemiology Unit. She is currently leading the quantitative analysis on an NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research (PGfAR), developing and evaluating scalable behavioural weight management programmes for the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes. Julia's research to date revolves around the management and prevention of noncommunicable diseases such as cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes and obesity, with a particular interest in the potential of technology to support healthy lifestyles and disease self-management. Her background is in Health Psychology (Bsc Psychology, MSc Health Psychology). Her PhD and subsequent postdoc at the University of Manchester explored the role of technology in chronic respiratory conditions, and involved interdisciplinary work between the School of Health Sciences and the School of Computer Science. Since joining the MRC Epidemiology Unit in May 2020, Julia's research focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of using non-specialists and technology to deliver behavioural weight management programmes to people with type 2 diabetes (or those at risk). Additionally, she is exploring the relationship between executive functions (such as working memory) and eating behaviour.

The MRC Epidemiology Unit is a department at the University of Cambridge. It is working to improve the health of people in the UK and around the world.