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Snigdha is an organisational researcher in mental health and inclusive education with a specialisation in qualitative and quantitative research. Her professional journey has spanned two countries and has nurtured her commitment for equity, diversity, and accessibility to address data gaps and bias, and she has 7 years of experience conducting and leading both independent and collaborative research projects. These projects have resulted in a deeper understanding of positive mental health and resilience of university students; professional development programmes; inclusive educational initiatives; and organisational-level transformations by identifying pain points and best practices.

Snigdha's interest lies in human-centered research and co-creating equity-centred design, particularly on data gaps arising from lack of considerations about gender, ethnicity, and disability. Her background in psychology (BA, MSc, PhD) has made her proficient at synthesising data and generating actionable insights to drive user-centered innovation and interventions.

She is a Postdoctoral Project Associate at the Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning, where she executes independent and collaborative organisational research on enhancing inclusive education and addressing structural educational inequities experienced by minoritised students at Cambridge.