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Caitlin Law, Schools Liaison Officer, tells us about the students’ insightful day

This week we welcomed a fantastic group of years 12 students to Lucy Cavendish College from Outwood Grange Academy in Yorkshire. The students were here to experience life at The University of Cambridge and gain first-hand experience of a Cambridge College. It was a real pleasure to welcome them to College, following a personal statement workshop that I delivered at Outwood Grange in December. All students applying to university need to write a personal statement, so these kind of workshops really help them with their applications, regardless of the university they’ve chosen.

After a much-needed coffee following a long coach journey, the group took part in a workshop on managing time as a university student. Sometimes the prospect of studying for a degree and managing your own study time can seem a bit daunting, so we talked about the importance of balancing your work with enjoyable activities than help you relax and unwind, which might include clubs and societies, volunteering or even some much needed time hanging out with friends.

After lunch the students were taken on a tour of the college by our fabulous student helpers Rosie and Hanina so they could really get a feel of what it’s like to live here. They also took part in a fascinating lecture by Dr Corinne Duhig, Archaelogy and Anthrpology Director of Studies at Lucy Cavendish College, on Ancient Egypt. Through this lecture students were able to experience university style teaching first-hand as well as learning all about the intriguing topic of Egyptian Mummies.

After all that concentrating it was then time to stroll into town to see some of Cambridge’s most famous sights. It was wonderful to welcome such an enthusiastic and fun group of students, and I really look forward to visiting their school again soon!

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About Dr Corinne Duhig

Dr Corinne Duhig teaches in the Department of Archaeology and the Institute of Continuing Education at Cambridge. Her specialism is the study of human remains, and her main, although not exclusive, focus is ancient Egypt. Corinne is a Senior Fellow of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research and a College Research Associate and Director of Studies in Archaeology at Wolfson College. She runs the osteoarchaeology and funerary-archaeology consultancy Gone to Earth and worked for many years in forensic archaeology and anthropology.
Corinne's research interests are primarily the interpretation of burial practices and the superimposed effects of taphonomy (post-mortem effects that transform the body), the trauma of interpersonal violence, and physiological stress indicators.