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We have put together several resources providing comprehensive guidance for prospective applicants to Lucy Cavendish College and the University of Cambridge. Explore our resources below!

Our Admissions Policy

We are proud to take a bold stance on widening participation in admissions. We have three specific targets:

1. To admit a majority of our students from underrepresented or disadvantaged backgrounds

2. To have a student population that is representative of UK society by 2025

3. To increase our number of international students from underrepresented countries

For academically outstanding students seeking an unrivaled education and a community that reflects modern society, Lucy Cavendish offers a unique environment in the heart of the historic university that all can truly call home.

A-Level Subject Choice Guidance

We hope the our comprehensive subject choice guidance is useful in helping students and their advisors to identify the most suitable A Level subjects that will enable them to make the most competitive applications for the university courses in which they are interested. We also aim to release further guidance on the IB, Scottish qualifications and other international qualifications.


Subject Enrichment Resources

Our Supra-Curricular Enrichment Resources sheet is packed with suggestions for ways to explore your subject interests in more detail and develop your knowledge and skills. See here for more information and the full resources sheet. Ideal for independent learning during the pandemic!


Degree Course Choice Guidance

Watch this space for guidance on how to choose the best course for you!


Student Newsletter

To stay up-to-date with events, opportunities and resources for prospective applicants, sign-up for Lucy Cavendish's student newsletter using the link below.



College Prospectus

To find out more about Lucy Cavendish College, take a look at our college prospectus below.

Interested in learning more about us?

Check out our Visits and Open Days page to see the exciting online events we have planned this year