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Welcome to our new page for prospective students interested in applying to Lucy Cavendish College and the University of Cambridge. Here you will find advice and support resources designed to help you make a strong application to Cambridge as well as other competitive universities. Please keep checking the page regularly as we will be producing brand new content over the next few months.

Supra-curricular’ academic enrichment resources sheet

Our new document contains a comprehensive list of academic enrichment resources, grouped according to undergraduate degrees at Cambridge. We have also provided a detailed explanation of what constitutes academic enrichment, and why and how you should do it. Each undergraduate course is introduced in order to show the subject-specific skills and knowledge that your academic exploration should be developing.

An in-depth exploration of your subject of interest will be helpful for considering which courses will suit you at university, as well as providing you with content for your personal statement. During this unprecedented time, we also hope that you will find this process interesting and enjoyable. There are also two videos below that will explain how to use the resources. It might be helpful to watch these before looking at the document itself.

Please click on academic enrichment resources sheet to access the document.

Academic enrichment guide - part 1

Academic enrichment guide - part 2

Click on the link here to find the University of Cambridge ‘super-curricular’ suggestions.