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Welcome to our page for prospective students interested in applying to Lucy Cavendish College and the University of Cambridge.

This page is frequently updated with new content, so please keep checking regularly.

There are now several resources available in this section of the website:

Subject Enrichment Resources

Our Supra-Curricular Enrichment Resources sheet is packed with suggestions for ways to explore your subject interests in more detail and develop your knowledge and skills. See here for more information and the full resources sheet. Ideal for independent learning during the pandemic!

Personal Statement Advice

And what do you do with all that subject enrichment? Use it to write a really strong personal statement, using our guide and worksheet. Remember, keep it simple and explain why you want to study the subject and what you've learned by undertaking your own enrichment and exploration work.

Prospective Applicants FAQ

Answers to all your questions about our College and our new admissions policy, along with every other aspect of applying to Cambridge. Regularly updated as we receive good questions via email. If there's something missing, let us know! See here for the current list.