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The University provides lectures, seminars, and practicals which are held in University lecture theatres and within Departments.  These are attended by students from all colleges. 


There are lectures associated with all undergraduate degrees.  Lecture lists are available for all enrolled students via the Departmental and Faculty websites.

Seminars and practicals

In some subjects, the University offers seminars.  These develop the material in the lectures further, and are often given by the lecturers themselves.  They provide an opportunity for discussion and further exploration of lecture topics in smaller groups.

Many subjects have practical sessions and workshops which are described in the University’s course information pages. Again, the timetables for these will be found by current students on the Departmental or Faculty websites. We will help you find this information if you have any difficulty.


Supervisions are at the heart of the Cambridge undergraduate experience, and (with the exception of Oxford) no other UK university offers such an intensive educational experience to its undergraduate students.

Supervisions are arranged by the Directors of Studies in the colleges and Lucy Cavendish prides itself on the quality of the supervisions it offers.  Each year we ask our students to comment on the quality and usefulness of the supervisions they have received and we take this feedback seriously.  All our Supervisors are required to attend a training course in the University.

In a supervision, a small group, typically of one to four students, meets with a Supervisor each week to discuss a topic relevant to their course of study. Supervisors can be Fellows or Research Students of Lucy Cavendish College, or can be drawn from other colleges depending on the subject and the area of expertise required.  Typically a Supervisor will set a piece of work at one supervision and ask for it to be submitted before the next meeting; the piece of work will then be reviewed and a new one set.

Supervisions provide a way for students to ask questions, explore their subject in depth with a subject expert and extend their knowledge of areas covered in lectures.  Personal interests and enthusiasms can be explored.  Equally, any topics covered in lectures that have not been fully understood can be revisited to ensure a firm base for further learning.

How to apply as an undergraduate

We would be delighted if you were to apply for an undergraduate degree at Cambridge and name Lucy Cavendish College as your first choice.