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The Writing Centre provides general and subject-specific resources for writing at all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate learning and research.

These resources are not aimed at language learners or intended as remedial teaching; they are aimed at improving precision, clarity and style in your chosen discipline.

You can find below a growing number of subject-specific writing guides written by experts in their fields. These are freely available and aimed at advanced A-Level students and first-year undergraduates. As part of the “Maximise Your Potential” programme, we also run several writing-specific skills sessions for Lucy students.

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Scientific and Technical Writing guidelines by Dr Jurgen Becque, Director of Studies for Engineering.

Scientific and Technical Writing


Legal Writing guidelines by Dr Poorna Mysoor, Director of Studies for Law.

Legal Writing

An introduction to the fundamental aspects of essay writing, relevant for all disciplines.

You can take notes in lots of different ways. This session will introduce some techniques you may not have tried before and look at how to review and organise your notes so you can make the best use of them later.

If you have ever found yourself staring at the top of the screen in Microsoft Word from time to time (for example, when thinking of what to write next) you may have noticed a box full of "styles" with odd names like "no spacing" and "subtle emphasis" (how can emphasis be subtle?).  You may have paid no attention, or you may have plunged deep into the world of "styles", "themes" and what have you that lurk behind most of Microsoft Office.

Or you may have done neither of these things, and simply wondered what it was all in aid of.  If so, this session might interest you.  I want to show how styles at least (themes being entirely beyond me) can help you make effective use of Word, make your documents look good, and possibly help with collaborative writing too.  If you're a wizz with Word you will know all this stuff already but if you're not do book in to the session, and when you come bring a laptop with you.  

A session for new users of Zotero reference management software.  Find out how to create a Zotero library and build a collection of references, how to organise and manage them and how to link your library with Word to allow you to easily add citations to documents. Attendees will need to download the software in advance; full instructions will be given in advance of the session.

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