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As well as a good degree, our students want a great job when they graduate.

At Lucy Cavendish we encourage you to develop your career readiness, whatever future career you are interested in. We offer events, workshops, library resources and 1:1 appointments which give space for reflection, exploring and planning next steps. This is complementary to the comprehensive offering from the University Careers Service and is run is close collaboration with the team there.

Thinking about your future career can be daunting. To help you approach the subject, step-by-step, 'Journeys’ has been created on the careers platform Handshake, specifically for Lucy students.

You can maximise the career support available to you by completing the Journey. Your Journey provides you with tailored career activities to complete to ensure you’re ready for the year ahead.

Handshake careers platform logoWhat you need to do:

  • Ensure you're signed up to the Careers Service platform, Handshake, and that you've activated your account.
  • Locate your Career Journey in the Career Centre.
  • Click on ‘Start Journey’ to commence.
  • You have 5 goals, mark these as complete once you have carried out the activity.

A guide, specifically for Lucy Cavendish students, can be found here.

We have a range of activities, events and appointments available to Lucy Cavendish students in the coming term to help you build your career readiness. Many of the Academic Skills sessions also address the transferable skills employers are seeking.

In Easter Term 2023 you can sign up for on the College Calendar -


Speed Mentoring   Thursday 27th April   17:00-19:00
Mindfulness Workshop   Tuesday 2nd May   19:00-20:30
Intro to Careers   Wednesday 3rd May   13:00-13:30
Staying Calm in Stressful Situations   Thursday 4th May   17:00-18:00
LucEnt Mentoring   Friday 5th May   13:00-15:00
Intro to Careers   Tuesday 9th May   16:00-16:30
LucEnt Mentoring   Friday 12th May   13:00-15:00
Preparing for your Viva   Wednesday 17th May   17:30-18:30
LucEnt Mentoring   Friday 26th May   13:00-15:00
Careers Pop-Up   Tuesday 6th June   11:30-14:30
1:1 Careers Appointments   Wednesday 14th June   18:00-21:00
1:1 Careers Appointments   Tuesday 20th June   17:00-20:00
Life Sciences Visit and Network Event   Wednesday 21st June   12:30-18:00


As part of the career support available to you at Lucy Cavendish, you have access to the University Careers Service whose team of experienced and impartial careers consultants are here to support you throughout your studies at Cambridge and beyond.

The Careers Service offers plenty to help you take the next step: one-to-one guidance consultations; 14 major careers events each year; an extensive programme of briefings and skill sessions; coordinated employer presentations, and a database of graduate-level job vacancies in Handshake, our careers platform.

We wanted to share with you our Michaelmas programme of careers fairs, events, skills sessions and more! These are the only official University events of their kind this year, so don't miss out. Next term we'll have even more fairs and events covering an even wider range of sectors, such as creative careers and not-for-profits.

Explore our main fairs below (registration opens a week before each fair at 9am) and click the button at the end to see our full programme of events. We suggest you check this regularly as new events are added all the time!

Sign up is easy if you haven’t done so already, you'll just need to login with Handshake, which also gives you access to exclusive vacancies, Career Consultant appointments, and our new career newsletters, which you can sign up for here. We're going to stop sending regular updates out based on your profile interests, so sign up for in depth information!

There are both in-person and online fairs this year to give you flexibility, read more about the benefits of attending both here.

For an introduction on how the University Careers Service can help you, whereever you are in your career readiness journey, take a look at their introduction below: