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Enterprise pathways have been designed to support students who can demonstrate their ability and willingness to be innovative and entrepreneurial

Cambridge is recognised around the world as a unique environment for translating ideas, inventions and discoveries from all disciplines into new products, services or solutions (the Cambridge phenomenon). The College welcomes enterprising scholars who are passionate about making an economic or social impact beyond their education or research with us, typically through starting or joining a business or social enterprise. We offer studentships and other support to the most promising students.

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LucEnt = Lucy Enterprise ≡ Lucere (Latin) to shine

“An enterprising mindset is a way of thinking that enables our students to spot and seize new opportunities to create positive impact and see them through to implementation – whatever their future career”

LucEnt Challenge

The LucEnt Challenge invites students of the College to combine their knowledge, skills and experience in a multi-disciplinary team to identify an enterprising solution to a problem relevant to the United Nations Strategic Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Shortlisted teams will present their ideas at the College’s Enterprise Weekend, with support from mentors and the opportunity to win a £1000 prize towards implementing their vision for a new product, service or innovation, that has the potential to create significant economic or social impact.

We tailor our approach to your needs, focusing on three key stages of your personal and professional development: ‘Explore’, ‘Experience’ and ‘Establish'.

EXPLORE Cambridge with an entrepreneurial mindset…

A menu of activities will enable you to better understand what is available in and around the University so you can define and build on your chosen path. Examples include:

  • Becoming a member of an existing club or society focused on innovation or entrepreneurship. Our staff, students and Fellows work closely with many of them such as: Cambridge University Entrepreneurs (CUE), Cambridge University Technology & Enterprise Club (CUTEC) and Silicon Valley Comes to the UK (SVC2UK)

  • Participating in talks from Lucy Cavendish and other Cambridge alumni who have joined an innovative organisation or started their own entrepreneurial journey

  • Attending Enterprise Tuesday at the Cambridge Judge Business School (livestreamed sessions take place on Tuesdays in the Michaelmas, Lent and Easter terms)

  • Engaging with the University’s Careers Service ‘Cam Connect’ initiatives and events that provide introductions and opportunities to learn more about the many Cambridge startups in and around the region

  • Identifying vacation work in small, medium and large organisations that helps to inform an existing or emerging interest that has the potential to scale and positively impact society (e.g. education, energy, health, environment, security, etc)

  • Connecting with representatives from the many other organisations that form part of the growing University Enterprise Network (UEN)


EXPERIENCE the reality of turning ideas into practice…

With a better awareness of what is on offer, you can then focus on building the right mix of knowledge, skills and experience that you need. Examples include:

ESTABLISH: Team, enterprise plan and support to start

With a solid understanding of the Cambridge ecosystem, a better idea of what your enterprising career or new enterprise might look like, you can actively pursue your proposed professional development trajectory with confidence, whether you have decided that your next steps are with a start-up (that you, or others are building), with an existing and growing scale-up, or with a larger, more established organisation here in Cambridge or further afield.

If you’re building a new venture, the Judge Business School hosts two flagship programmes, Accelerate Cambridge and Cambridge Social Ventures where teams can apply for a package of management focused training, support and guidance that includes business coaching, mentoring and exposure to the early-stage investment community in Cambridge and more widely.

If you’re seeking to commercially exploit University research that you are involved in or intellectual property (IP) that’s owned by the University, Cambridge Enterprise offers a range of specialist advice and support that you can incorporate into your plan.

Founded and developed at the Babraham Research Campus, Accelerate@Babraham is designed to support and nurture early-stage life science ventures attempting to navigate this tough and fast-moving sector.

​Cambridge also benefits from a range of other tailored programmes such as the Accelerator & Sustainability Hub in central Cambridge, Impulse at the Maxwell Centre in west Cambridge and Start Codon at the Biomedical Sciences Campus in south Cambridge, now forming part of a new University Enterprise Zone).

Finally, there are many accelerator and incubator initiatives outside Cambridge and located across the UK that can provide for your particular needs or circumstances. Graduating students from overseas wishing to stay in the UK and establish a company in Cambridge can get advice from the University’s International Office on the startup VISA scheme and we encourage all our enterprising students and alumni to keep a global outlook on the their future and the opportunities open to them wherever they are in the world.

We are proud to host an annual start-up event generously sponsored by Santander

Our students are invited to spend an intensive week-end at the start of the Easter vacation working on a business plan for a start-up, or a demo for a new app. Winners receive prizes.

The enterprise can be commercial or social. Great ideas and effective presentations can lead to the students being invited to advance further into the enterprise ecosystem at Cambridge – which is substantial, well-funded and well-supported.


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