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In celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month, Elisabeth Sandler addressed why LGBTQ+ inclusion at universities matters.

Based on participants’ narratives from the ‘Out at Cambridge’ study (2019), Elisabeth Sandler discussed the importance of LGBTQ+ inclusion at universities, and what universities and Cambridge colleges can do to create more LGBTQ+ welcoming spaces.

About the speaker

Elisabeth Sandler (she/her) is a fully funded Sociology PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge. Her intersectional PhD research, supervised by Professor Sarah Franklin and Dr Marcin Smietana, explores the coming and being out experiences of LGBTQA+ identifying Cambridge students and staff members. The findings from this study will generate action points that can be used to improve the lives of LGBTQA+ students and university employees within the UK and beyond. This piece of research is a continuation and expansion of the ‘Out at Cambridge’ study (lgbtQ+@cam) for which Sandler worked as a full-time researcher in 2019.

Her academic background is in Educational Sciences (BA, University of Innsbruck), Research Training (MSc, University of Oxford), and Reproductive Sociology (MPhil, University of Cambridge). Sandler’s teaching focusses on qualitative research methods, gender, sexuality, family sociology, and includes organisations such as the University of Cambridge (UK), University of Innsbruck (Austria), University of Hamburg (Germany), and ViaX (China).