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The A101 course is open to graduates who are liable for fees at the Home (UK) rate only.  Information about pre-settled and settled status and who is eligible for fees at the Home rate can be found on the University website here.  Overseas graduates can apply for A100 standard course Medicine for Affiliated entry.

The Graduate Course in Medicine is an accelerated four-year programme, with an emphasis on the acquisition of clinical skills through direct patient contact in hospital and community environments. Students who complete it successfully are entitled to hold provisional registration with the General Medical Council; most go on to work in the NHS, and many become general practitioners.

Lucy Cavendish admits around ten students for the Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine each year.  We also admit a similar number of students for A100 standard course Medicine and for Postgraduate Medical Sciences, and we have a similar number of teaching and research staff.


Further information about the course can be found on the Faculty and University websites.

Course Requirements

Important: A101 applicants must complete a University of Cambridge application form for the course in addition to making an application at UCAS.  Current information about how to make an application can be found here.

  • A Level Chemistry (normally passed at grade A or above within seven years of entry) and one of Biology/Human Biology, Physics, Mathematics (at A or AS level).
  • Most successful applicants have the equivalent of three A Levels at grade A or A* in any subject.
  • UK Honours Degree, or equivalent, in any discipline, with a 2.i or above.
  • A range of British and international qualifications may be acceptable.  Applicants holding qualifications they believe to be equivalent other than the International Baccalaureate and Scottish Highers will need to demonstrate, convincingly, that those qualifications involve a comparable level of scientific and mathematical understanding, and are advised to contact us for guidance.
  • We strongly recommend obtaining medical/healthcare experience as a paid or volunteer worker, and the shadowing of medical professionals.

Admissions Timetable

The deadline for application for A101 at UCAS is 15 October, and the deadline for the Cambridge A101 application and additional reference is 22 October.  The Admissions panel shortlist during November and applicants are usually given an indication of the outcome of their application in December.  Interviews take place in February.

Number of students 

We admit around ten students for A101 per year.

For more information:

Admissions Assessment

There is currently no Admissions Assessment for the A101 course at Cambridge.