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Christopher Fowell and Dr Jane Greatorex congratulate the medical graduates from Lucy Cavendish College

The newest cohort of junior doctors joining the NHS and the frontline of the fight against coronavirus include 8 successful medical graduates from Lucy Cavendish College.  Following guidance from the General Medical Council, permission was granted for the graduation dates of University of Cambridge medical students to be brought forward.  This has allowed many of our Lucy Cavendish College graduates to support the NHS as interim Foundation Year doctors, working in supported and supervised environments.

Christopher Fowell is Director of Studies for Medicine at Lucy Cavendish College and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He says:

“I and other director of studies colleagues, our senior tutor and all those associated with the development of all 8 of these students during their time at the college wish them to know how proud we are of their achievements to date!  We are all immensely confident they will succeed with equal measure in their roles on the frontline in this initial challenge, as well as their future careers following this pandemic.  

Throughout their undergraduate studies our students have demonstrated their determination, resolve and problem-solving skills.  These qualities, along with numerous other attributes and no little knowledge and understanding, will position our graduates well to work in the current pandemic. 

We look forward to celebrating their successes in person at a graduation ceremony as soon as we are able.”

Senior Tutor and Director of Studies in pre-clinical Veterinary Medicine, Dr Jane Greatorex added: 

“Medicine is a popular subject at Lucy Cavendish College. Our medical students are mature students and come from a wide range of backgrounds and former careers. They use their skills to not only excel in their studies but also to go on and make a real impact in healthcare around the globe.  I am proud that they have taken this opportunity to use their talents in supporting the efforts to combat COVID-19.”

However, it isn’t only the medical graduates that have stepped up to help the fight in the coronavirus pandemic. Taking advantage of extra time in their days due to closure of the university, remote teaching and the frustrating rescheduling of examinations, we are proud to report that many current Lucy Cavendish College students have found extra ways to support their communities and vulnerable groups at this time.

Several Lucy Cavendish College medical students have commendably stepped into hands-on caring positions in nursing homes.  Other medical students have taken on administrative and supportive roles in general practitioner surgeries and their dispensaries.  Another body to benefit from LCC student involvement has been Cambridge Student Community Action. Specific involvement with their “Anxiety Slayers” project has been well received, a project which involves interacting with vulnerable children during the pandemic. 

Cambridge medical students graduate early to help NHS fight coronavirus