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This vision is ambitious. But the capability is there.

We will use our expertise and experience to address the contemporary problems of the 21st century.

From the very start in 1965, Lucy Cavendish College brought students and researchers together from very diverse and typically non-traditional - backgrounds. And all were committed to making a greater, positive social impact than they could have done through their previous lives.

Now, using this experience, Lucy Cavendish will educate and inspire the next generation of leaders who will tackle the pressing issues of the current century. They will be committed to engaging deeply with the most demanding challenges of our time and will bring powerful, fresh perspectives to potential solutions. From antimicrobial resistance to more equitable access to education. From the ethics of AI to quality ageing. Affordable, clean energy. Sustainable cities. Social justice for the marginalised. Global health.

Our goal:

To be the ‘go-to’ inter-disciplinary Cambridge college for people with the motivation to tackle global issues in national and international contexts.

Our approach:

Philanthropy at all levels from inspired and generous individuals, families and organisations will play a critical role in our new future. We hope you will take part.

• Gifts of any size would support our fund for enrichment of the student experience. Students can apply for grants to participate in language classes, professional workshops, short career-and enterprise-related courses, boot-camps, fieldwork, time in research labs, unpaid volunteering and conference attendance.

• A gift of £5000 will provide joint-funding for a Master’s student tackling global challenges on one of the many interdisciplinary Cambridge MPhil courses

• A gift of £150,000 would fund a three-year Junior Research Fellowship focusing on 21st- century challenges, awarded in conjunction with the relevant Research Institutes and Departments.

• A gift of £450,000 would endow a studentship for an outstanding student from a low- income background for a place on a graduate programme that directly addresses 21st- century challenges.

• A gift of £2m would endow specialist careers and professional development programmes that develop students’ leadership capabilities for social impact and innovation through placements in both the UK and overseas, and in R&D laboratories.

• A gift of £3m would endow a fund to support the inter-disciplinary research and education agendas of the College, and help to build a network of talented scholars and researchers around the world who share a passion for finding solutions to the most urgent problems facing humanity.

• A gift of £8m would build the state-of-the-art convening hub with its digitally connected conferencing facilities designed to establish and maintain global networks of problem- solvers committed to tackling 21st-century ‘grand challenges’.


For more information, please contact the Development Office.

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