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How to apply

Postgraduate applicants to Cambridge apply to the University in the first instance for a place on their chosen course (your academic offer).  Once accepted, your application is then considered by your choice of Colleges, and applicants can indicate up to two College choices on their application form.

The University’s Postgraduate Admissions website provides full details of the process, and there is also a YouTube video prepared by the University that you can watch.

The Cambridge Postgraduate Open Day takes place in Autumn each year, and Lucy Cavendish takes a full part in this event.  For more information see the University's Postgraduate Admissions webpage.

We very much hope that you will want to join Lucy Cavendish College.  If so, you should name us as your first choice of college in your application to the University.  If for any reason we are unable to offer you a place, your application will be circulated to other Colleges.

All offers of a College place are subject to confirmation from the Postgraduate Admissions Office (PAO) that you have met the conditions they have set you for entry as a postgraduate student.  These will include a financial condition, and an academic one if you are currently studying. 

If you have any queries about the application process or Lucy Cavendish College please contact us at  Questions relating to your course and subject can be addressed to your chosen Department or School.

Fees and funding

The cost of studying here falls broadly into two categories:

  • Tuition fees
  • Living costs (accommodation, food, study materials, personal expenses, transport etc.).

Tuition fees differ depending on whether you are a UK or an international student.  International student fees also vary depending on the type of course. Detailed information is available on the University website, which also describes Government support available:

Current information about postgraduate fees

Financial Information US students

The following information is shown here due to US Government regulations:

US loans page: US loans | Cambridge students

Consumer information page: Consumer information | Cambridge students

All other financial information is available to offer holders and current students in the Members area.

Living costs

Living costs are lifestyle-dependent but are similar for both UK and international students. Living costs are set at a higher level if students from outside the UK stay in Cambridge during the summer vacation, for example.

For more information about living costs please visit the University's website.

All you need to know about accommodation at Lucy Cavendish College

Studentships and awards for postgraduates

Help with the cost of your studies