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"Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion is a wide-ranging arts degree, allowing you to study history, philosophy, literature, language and, of course, biblical narrative."

Worldwide, six out of seven people describe themselves as religious, with religious beliefs driving social and political change globally. Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion at Cambridge addresses fundamental questions through a range of religious traditions and philosophical standpoints and allows students to explore contemporary and historic thought, culture and texts through philosophy, ethics, history, literature, languages, social sciences and classics.


Further information about the course can be found on the Faculty and University websites.

Typical offers require

  • A Level: A*AA
  • IB: 40-42 points, with 776 at Higher Level 

For other qualifications, see the main entrance requirements pages on the University website.

Course Requirements

  • Required: None
  • Highly recommended: Religious Studies or Philosophy, other academic essay-based subjects

Mature students and those taking other qualifications are encouraged to contact our Admissions Office, to discuss the entry requirements for their qualifications.

Number of students 

We aim to admit around two students per year.

Admissions Assessment

  • Applicants selected for interview are required to take a written assessment. This takes place in late November during the application process.  Applicants do not need to register in advance; all the necessary arrangements are made by the College. The assessment is sat remotely at home or in school.

  • Further details about the written assessment can be found on the University website here.

Written work 

Applicants are required to submit two school/college essays as examples of written work prior to interview. 

For more information: