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Lucy's Benefactors have each generously donated a cumulative total of £10,000 or more to date. They help the College thrive so it can build a diverse community of students, educate and inspire future leaders and tackle the pressing issues of the twenty-first century. 

Professors Juana and Andreas Acrivos

Mrs Moya Lonsdale and Professor John Lonsdale

Ms Jackie Ashley and Mr Andrew Marr

The Late Dr Ursula Lyons and Professor Malcolm Lyons

Dr Carol Atack and Mr Alex van Someren

Mr Keith Maddocks

Professor Dame Madeleine Atkins and Mr John Atkins

The Late Ms Susan Maddocks

Mr H W Battcock

Sir Mark and Lady Moody-Stuart

Ms Jill Battley and Mr Nick Battley

Ms Catherine S. Muther

The Late Dr Hilary Belcher

Ms Katherine Naughton

The Late Dr Anna Bidder

The Late Dr Barbara Oldham

The Late Mrs Eunice Black

The Late Ms Verily Paget

The Late Margaret Braithwaite

The Late Lady Ruth Parkes

The Late Mrs Margo Bulman

Baroness Perry of Southwark

The Late Sir Adrian Cadbury

The Late Mrs Evelyn Povey

The Late Mrs Mary Cheney

Dr Alison Rylands

Mrs Jenny and Dr Graham Chinner

Dr Eva Simmons

Dr Isabel Clare

The Late Mrs Joan Simms

The Late Mrs Eileen Clifford

Dr Jackie Spayne and Mr David Leith

Baroness Janet Cohen of Pimlico and Mr J Cohen

Mrs Jillinda Tiley

Ms Fiona Crawley

Ms Claire Tomalin

Mrs Christina Dawson and Mr Peter Dawson

Dr Lindsey Traub

The Late Miss Monica Deacon

Dame Veronica Sutherland DBE CMG

The Late Mr Felix Dennis

The Late Dame Anne Warburton

Dr Jane Dominey and Mr Jim Warwick

Dr Kate Ward

Ms Edwina Dunn OBE and Mr Clive Humby

Dr Lorna Williamson OBE

Mrs Fiona Edington

Dr Jean Wilson MBE and Professor Norman Hammond

The Late Professor Dorothy Emmet

Dr Barbara Wittman

Dr Edith Esch


Dr Cyndi Glassman and Dr Leonard Glassman

Ernest Hecht Charitable Foundation

The Late Dr Anne Hartree

Isaac Newton Trust

The Late Mr Ernest Hecht OBE

JP Morgan Charitable Giving Fund

The Late Dr Gertraud Herbert

Lucy Cavendish College Alumnae Association

The Late Lady Grantchester

MariaMarina Foundation

Professor Margaret Grieco and Professor Ravi Kanbur

Santander Universities

Mrs Sarah Gull

The Iqbal Bros Foundation

Miss Lucille Haire

Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust

Miss Judith Hanratty CVO OBE

Sutasoma Trust

Dame Pauline Harris DBE and Lord Harris of Peckham

Thriplow Charitable Trust

Dr Jane Hastie

Trinity College

Ms Joanna Hewitt

University of Cambridge

The Late Baroness James of Holland Park

Wolfson Foundation

Dr Ruth Jones