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What they supported

The Iqbal Bros Foundation supported deserving students to study at Lucy Cavendish allowing them to fulfil their dreams and make a difference in society.

Why I support Lucy

“I was born and brought up in a rural village in Sylhet, Bangladesh where I finished my primary and secondary education.  The liberation war in 1971 between East and West Pakistan forced my family to flee to the UK.  Education is very important to me and something that I have always valued. I have established a high school and college in the village where I came from and a passion for education has led to the formation of The Iqbal Bros Foundation which supports education among other things. I dreamt of going to an educational institution such as Cambridge and the fact that I have been privileged, as a result of working hard, to support Lucy Cavendish has given me great sense of pride and achievement.”

 - Iqbal Ahmed OBE