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The College organises and supports a range of networking opportunities for students, researchers and alumni throughout the year. 

These are sometimes subject-based (Lucy Lawyers), location-based (regional alumni meetings around the world) or interdisciplinary (the College Research Day). Members can share information, disseminate good practice and receive updates. Networking events may be structured opportunities to meet peers and experts to discuss your work or social events which strengthen bonds – and are often both!

Lucy Lawyers

The annual Lucy Law Networking Event offers our law community the chance to meet and support each other in an informal environment.  Taking place in central London, the event is designed to encourage, inspire and support the next generation of Lucy Lawyers and to give alumni the opportunity to make valuable professional contacts. Whether you are a current student, just starting out on your career or a seasoned professional, the Lucy Law networking event is the ideal way to meet and connect with like-minded people.

Lucy Lawyers


College Research Day

The annual Lucy Cavendish College Research Day is an opportunity for you to present your research ideas, results and impact to a wider audience.

It’s an important platform for the work being done across the College by students and post-doctoral research associates. Events like this help to further people’s understanding of research, from experimental methodologies to the application of research results in society.

Research Day

Five diverse topics from the 2019 Research Day have been distilled into our Research Day 2019 Podcast - listen below. They range  from dementia as a social justice issue to the application of turbine coatings in the aerospace industry. Our thanks to Fellow-Commoner Boni Sones OBE for producing the podcast.

Listen to the 2019 Research Day podcast

Listen below to four diverse topics from the 2020 Research Day, from Cancer Research to environmentally friendly, scalable and cost-effective manufacturing strategies, have been distilled into in our Research Day 2020 Podcast - listen below. Our thanks to Fellow-Commoner Boni Sones OBE for producing it.

Listen to the 2020 Research Day podcast

Nautilus Network

The Nautilus Network is an emergent network for those who have completed doctorates at Lucy. It aims specifically to support those who have had substantial career and life experience before undertaking their research while not wishing to exclude anyone who is interested in participating.

Its starting point was the recognition that it can be challenging to adjust to new careers after the intense experience of completing a PhD. The purpose of the network is to enable the sharing of experiences, to celebrate achievement and to support members in shaping their future plans. Activities include: peer coaching and mentoring; reading & writing circles; and sharing of professional contacts. Members within the network provide feedback to each other on draft publications, preparation for interviews, and making funding applications.


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