The Cambridge Medicine course is rewarding, demanding and highly competitive. It comprises three years of pre-clinical study (two for affiliated students), followed by three years of clinical study. Graduates are entitled to hold provisional registration with the General Medical Council; most go on to work in the NHS, and about half become general practitioners.


Further information about the course can be found on the Faculty and University websites.

Typical offers require

  • A Level: A*A*A
  • IB: 40-42 points, with 776 at Higher Level 

For other qualifications, see the main entrance requirements pages on the University website.

Course Requirements

  • A Levels in Chemistry, and one of Biology/Human Biology, Physics, Mathematics
  • Most successful applicants have at least three science/mathematics A Levels at grade A or A*
  • Applicants holding qualifications they believe to be equivalent other than the International Baccalaureate and Scottish Highers will need to demonstrate, convincingly, that those qualifications involve a comparable level of scientific and mathematical understanding, and are advised to contact us for guidance.
  • We strongly recommend obtaining medical/healthcare experience as a paid or volunteer worker, and the shadowing of medical professionals.

Admissions Assessment

Applicants to Cambridge for A100 Medicine must sit the BMAT prior to interview.  Your application will be ineligible if you do not do so. Cambridge will accept the BMAT for A100 Medicine taken either in September or November. (Note: Some universities will only accept the BMAT taken in November.  Please ensure you check the information on the BMAT website before registering.)

Written work 

Applicants are not typically asked to submit examples of written work. 

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