Give to Lucy to provide a world-leading education to exceptional students and inspire them to find solutions to today’s most complex global challenges.

Cambridge University is for anyone with the ambition, commitment and ability to succeed and flourish here. We are working hard to ensure that the College is truly representative of society today: intelligent and innovative people of all ages and backgrounds working together to make a positive impact on society. But we need your help to reach and support talented students who cannot otherwise afford a Cambridge education or take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

In return we can offer you access to a community of bright minds, invitations to exclusive events and regular reports on the impact of your gift.

Why we need your support

The changing landscape of university funding alongside the decline in financial support from the government means that we rely ever more on philanthropy to safeguard the future of our students and ensure that our community continues to thrive in the years ahead.

The cost of providing life-changing opportunities and impactful support continues to increase:

  • The additional cost to the College to provide supervisions and other teaching for each of its undergraduates is currently £4,500 per year
  • To provide a College Teaching Officer who is a Director of Studies for students and teaches some papers costs the College £46,000 per year - the need for such appointments is increasing
  • Junior Research Fellows are fundamental to the College's research culture and to tackling the interdisciplinary twenty-first century critical issues. Each one costs the College £40,100 per year
  • Building resilience in our students and making sure that those who really need it get first class counselling support is ever more important. The cost of an accredited Counsellor is £32,200 per year
  • 56% of our UK undergraduates are receiving means tested financial support in 2019-20. For many of them we would like to provide a rent bursary so that they can continue to live in College accommodation with their friends more easily
  • We encourage our students to present posters and papers at conferences where they can develop the professional networks that are so important for their future careers. On average, the cost of travel and attendance is £500 for each student.

So your support can make a real difference.

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