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We offer a wide range of accommodation, from characterful Victorian rooms through to modern ensuite accommodation. 

Our accommodation is strategically located for convenient access to the College, University departments, and the historic city center of Cambridge. Living near campus ensures easy access to college facilities and support services, allowing students to focus on their studies and enjoy the benefits of college and city life. The College has made significant investments in improving student accommodation and facilities in recent years.

Onsite amenities include a well-stocked library with dedicated study spaces, a college gym, music pavilion, cafe bar, and a JCR & MCR common room. The Porters Lodge also provides 24/7 security for residents.

Lucy Cavendish aims to accommodate all undergraduate students for up to four years, as well as first-year postgraduates, subject to availability. Most of our accommodation offers ensuite facilities with shared kitchen and living spaces. For postgraduates, we provide self-contained studios suitable for single occupancy or couples.

Our accommodation team is committed to supporting students with specific religious or cultural accommodation needs. Once offered a place, we assist students in finding the best accommodation option, based on submitted preferences, and provide tips for settling in quickly.

All rooms are furnished with essential amenities including a bed, desk, desk chair, lamp, wardrobe, drawers, shelves or bookcase, and a noticeboard. Kitchens are equipped with a cooker, kettle, toaster, and fridge/freezer. Students are required to bring their own duvet, pillow, bed linen, towels, tea towels, crockery, cutlery, and cooking utensils.

Lucy Cavendish is a signatory of the ANUK National Code for Assured Accommodation, ensuring that students' rights to safe accommodation of a good standard are protected.

                                                                                                               See the latest LCC National Code of standards For Larger Student Developments Certificate 2024


National Code Assured

Oldham Hall

De Brye


Warburton Hall

New Building

Albion Yard

The room allocation process differs for first-year undergraduates compared to other years. Please see below for further information and refer to the Offer Holders' Page to find relevant information for Freshers. 

  • The Admissions Office will send you a link to an accommodation form where we will ask you some accommodation preferences. You should receive this form in the Spring
  • Rooms will be allocated after A Level results have been published. According to preferences and subject to availability. We will request your room and key deposit at this time.
  • You will receive an occupancy licence for your room by the end of August. 
  • The deadline for signing your agreement is within one week of receiving the license.  
  • Please pay your deposit and accept your licence by the deadline.
  • Regularly check both your personal and Cambridge University emails for important information from College


When will I find out about my room? (This is not relevant to first year undergraduates) 

  • Your occupancy agreement will detail what room you have been allocated. The deposit must be received and your licence signed before the room allocation is confirmed. The deposit will be returned to you at the end of your final tenancy in College unless any necessary deductions for outstanding rent, damage or extra cleaning charges, are applicable.
  • The College reserves the right to make changes in the allocation of rooms if circumstances dictate. For example, a student that has been allocated an accessible room who does not have accessibility requirements may need to change rooms should a student with specific needs require their specially modified room. The College reserves the right to terminate the occupancy at any time in cases of behaviour prejudicial to the welfare of the community.


Moving in

  • You will be given a date to move in so please look out for this on your tenancy agreement. 
  • If you need to arrive in Cambridge earlier than the date you have been given by us, you may need to seek alternative accommodation until your moving in date. Please bear this in mind when booking travel.
  • If you need to attend compulsory pre-course or induction sessions then please ensure you have selected the correct tenancy length (please see above).
  • All rooms are offered on a continuous rental basis and there is no requirement for you to move out of your room over the Christmas and Easter holiday periods. There will be no rental refunds issued for any time spent away from your room for any reason, within your occupancy period.
  • The Operations, Estates, Housekeeping and Maintenance teams are here to help you while you are living in College accommodation. 



Moving Out

  • Please make sure that your room is left clean, tidy and all rubbish and belongings are removed. Keys must be returned to the Porters’ Lodge by 10am on the day of departure.
  • Once all room inspections have been carried out the deposit will be returned to you minus any necessary deductions, this process can take up to 4 weeks from the room inspection. If you are planning to stay in College accommodation the following academic year, we will keep your deposit until the end of your final occupancy period.



  • Should you require storage space for any of your belongings during the summer period, Lucy Cavendish College has partnered with LOVESPACE® to support. Please use the code "LUCY24" to receive your £10 off storage via  

LOVESPACE® offer the following services: 

  • Storage by-the-box 
  • Storage units, without leaving home 
  • Packing 
  • Removals & Shipping 



  • Please pay your deposit and accept your licence by the deadline.
  • Regularly check both your personal and Cambridge University emails for important information from College
  • Please pay your rent in accordance with the deadline set by the Student Finance Office.

We offer at variety of tenancy lengths to suit your requirements. 

38 Week Tenancy Agreement 

  • Suitable for most undergraduate students as it covers the period from the start of the Michaelmas Term to the end of Easter Term. 
  • All freshers will be allocated main campus accommodation covering your first year. 

40 Week Tenancy Agreement

  • Most suitable for our undergraduate students who will be graduating at the end of that academic year. 

43 Week Tenancy Agreement 

  • Perfect tenancy length for our postgraduate students who are on a nine month course. 
  • This tenancy length would suit early arriving students and will allow you to attend compulsory pre-course or induction sessions.

51 Week Tenancy Agreement 

  • Suitable for Masters and PHD students who need accommodation allocated for at least one full year. 
  • For any student who may want to extend their stay in Cambridge after the end of Easter term. 


A £500 room and key deposit will also be required before you can move in to your room or £950 for a flat. This will need to be paid on acceptance of your occupancy licence. Information on how to pay your deposit is available below

How to pay 

Deposits are paid back at the end of your final tenancy within 4 weeks of the room inspection taking place after your final departure. Please note that the room & key deposit will only be returned after the return of all keys issued and payment of all licence fees, damages and other charges reasonably levied by the College.

Information on how to pay your rent will be included with each rental invoice.

Rental is invoiced on a quarterly basis, in advance and rent payment dates for 2024/2025 will be:

1st Payment for Michaelmas quarter (up to 31st December) due by: As stated on the College website Finance pages:

2nd Payment for Lent quarter (1st January to 31st March) due by: 31st December 2024

3rd Payment for Easter quarter (1st April up to 30th June) due by: 31st March 2025

4th Payment for Summer quarter (1st July up to 30th September – if relevant) due by: 30th June 2025

Please note, all rental will be charged by the night and not by the month. The approximate price per week and month is a guide only.

How to pay

Accommodation may not be granted to returning students who are in debt to the College. Failure to pay rent may result in the tenant being asked to vacate their room on being given a fortnight’s notice.  When the debt is cleared, the tenant may re-apply for a room but no guarantee is given that a room will be available.

Council Tax

Living in College or with other students
Full-time students living in College, or in accommodation with other students, are exempt from Council Tax. The Student office will provide you with a letter from the College, which you should use to prove you are exempt.

Living out of College with non-students
Where students share accommodation with non-students, students are not liable for Council Tax but their non-student housemates are. There are strict rules about being liable for Council Tax.  If you are in any doubt, or receive a bill, you should check the position with your local Council Tax Office without delay.

Residents are permitted to have one guest to stay in their room for a limited period when they are themselves in residence. Please see guest rules below:

  • Guests are not permitted to stay on a regular basis.
  • Guests should not stay for more than three nights at a time.
  • Guests should not stay on more than four separate occasions in any 3 month period.
  • College members must be in residence with their guest.

Exceptionally, if a resident wishes a guest to stay longer, up to five nights in total, application for permission must be made in advance through the Operations and Estates Director and the Senior Tutor.

The Student Union has four guest beds available for rent. The charge is £4 per bed per night or £10 for three nights, payable in advance. If you are late returning your bed, you will be charged for any additional nights. Beds are available on a first come, first served basis and cannot be booked in advance. Further details on guest bed rental can be found in the Porters Lodge.

The College has a guest room available to rent out during term-time. Please note that we require a full 7 days' notice from the start of your booking (UK time) if you need to cancel. The full charge will be made for any bookings not cancelled within this time.

Please contact for further information.

Please read the Terms & Conditions

The College recognises that individuals have different and varied needs both in terms of mobility and in social and dietary requirements. These needs are sometimes in conflict with our buildings, some of which were built over 600 years ago. The College provides full access to a number of study bedrooms equipped for use by disabled people. We have portable induction loops available at the Porters Lodge which can be installed in meeting rooms or Hall. We have adapted kitchens to meet special physical or dietary needs. The College would always liaise closely with the Disability Resource Centre to ensure that we are able to meet the individual needs of students with special requirements.

For further accessibility information click here

Clubs and societies

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