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At Lucy Cavendish College we are passionate about tackling the pressing issues of the twenty-first century. Accordingly, we want to lead the way in college climate action. Here's a small sample of some of the things we are doing here at Lucy.


College staff are auto-enrolled into the bike-to-work scheme and students have access to free rentals of the College bicycles. The College only owns one motor vehicle which is an electric van.

Food and Drink

We don’t sell single-use plastic water bottles. Instead, we have free water refill stations and we provide students with free reusable water bottles. We display the carbon footprints of meals and we have started growing organic vegetables on the College estate.


We have installed new bird boxes and bee hotels, we are relandscaping, and we have a number of environmental policies (such as no hedge cutting during nesting season).


The College community has launched various sustainability initiatives, including a biodiversity event, clothes swap, sustainability bingo, and a litter-picking marathon.


We have two student Green Officers and our students created the Lucy Cavendish Cycling Club, the Lucy Sustainable Fashion Society, and the Lucy Cavendish Climate Society. Our alumni are in the process of creating the Lucy Alumni Climate Network.


We have fully divested from direct investments in fossil fuels and we pursue positive investment opportunities (such as renewable technologies).

Buildings and Energy

Our new eco-friendly building meets and exceeds the Passivhaus standard and 100% of our electricity is supplied by renewables (with over 80% generated from solar farms within 20 miles of Cambridge).


Thanks to the continued college-wide effort, we received the Platinum Award for Green Impact, the highest award offered by the United Nations’ programme for environmentally and socially sustainable practice.