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The award programme is for alumni who have made a significant impact in their field within 10 years of graduating.

When our students graduate, they continue to amaze us as they excel in their chosen careers. In April 2022, Lucy Cavendish College launched the inaugural Alumni Impact Award for Lucy alumni who have made a significant impact in their field, as an opportunity to celebrate their post-graduation achievements and showcase their impact.

To enter the Award, Alumni must have graduated within the last 10 years and their impact must relate to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The finalists, are selected by a panel of experts among the College community, are then asked to showcase the positive impact they are making on society with a short video, which is made public for members of the Lucy Cavendish community to vote.

The winner of the Alumni Impact award is announced at the Alumni Festival in September, and receives the award together with a £500 prize.

To find out who are the winners and finalists of our previous Alumni Impact Award click on the buttons below.

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Alumni Impact Award 2022