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As part of our ongoing remit to support participation at Cambridge in its widest sense, we welcome applications for part-time study in a range of subjects and disciplines.

Currently we have approximately 60 part-time students, at both Masters and PhD level, whose subject areas include Education, Creative Writing, History, Social Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

All part-time students are welcomed to the College community with Matriculation, either at the beginning of the academic year, or when their course commences. This includes the matriculation ceremony as well a formal meal and a chance to meet some of the Fellows. Each student has the support of a dedicated Tutor, and is able to participate in activities such as the academic skills series, the Advanced Research Seminar, and other events such as Formal Hall. There is at least one Graduate Formal Hall each term, held on a Friday, so that part-time students who may live outside Cambridge can attend.

We plan to run an annual part-time student study weekend when circumstances will allow. The weekend has been designed in collaboration with our students to allow dedicated study time, as well as a chance to experience some of the Cambridge activities and traditions that they may otherwise miss. The weekend is an exciting innovation, unique in a Cambridge context, and we look forward to seeing many of our students together for the first time, with the opportunities for discussion, collaboration and inter-disciplinarity that brings.

In a recent survey, our part-time students said:

"The access to resources has been incredible and also the opportunity to meet people interested in a diverse range of disciplines."

"The college has been very welcoming and the staff are always open and approachable. I love that Lucy Cavendish banishes all preconceived ideas of what a Cambridge college is. I have always felt at home here, even though I am not at college as much as I would like."

"I love being at Lucy and it is a very different experience from the college that I was at as an undergrad and masters student."

"[My Tutor] has been so friendly and helpful and makes me feel like a genuine part of the broader Lucy Cavendish scene. She's wonderful! I feel 100% happy to have chosen this college."

If you are considering applying to Lucy Cavendish and would like to discuss your application, please contact the Admissions Office at

Part-time courses at Lucy Cavendish are offered at Master's and Doctoral level only, dependent on subject. Part-time programmes available:

Master of Studies (MSt)

Master of Education (Med)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Doctor of Education (EdD)

You can find a full list of Cambridge University courses here. Use the buttons at the top of the Graduate Admissions page to filter your search for those offered on a part-time basis.

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