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As part of our ongoing remit to support participation at Cambridge in its widest sense, we welcome applications for part-time study in a range of subjects and disciplines.

Currently we have approximately 60 part-time students from the UK and around the world, at both Masters and PhD level, whose subject areas include AI in Ethics & Society, Education, Creative Writing, Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Sustainability Leadership, and Writing for Performance.

Part-time students are welcomed to the College with a Matriculation ceremony and a formal meal, either during their first residential or during the academic year, hosted by College Fellows.

Every part-time student has the support of a Tutor, and is able to participate in College activities: academic skills sessions, the Advanced Research Seminar, public and private lectures, and events such as Formal Hall.  There is at least one dedicated Postgrad Formal Hall each term, held on a Friday, to make it easier for part-time students who live outside of Cambridge to attend if they are able to.

There are plans to hold an annual part-time student study weekend designed in collaboration with students to allow dedicated study time, as well as a chance to experience some of the Cambridge activities and traditions that part-time students may otherwise miss. The weekend is an exciting innovation, unique in a Cambridge context, and we look forward to seeing many of our students together for the first time, with the opportunities for discussion, collaboration and inter-disciplinarity that brings.

In a recent survey, our part-time students said:

"The access to resources has been incredible and also the opportunity to meet people interested in a diverse range of disciplines."

"The college has been very welcoming and the staff are always open and approachable. I love that Lucy Cavendish banishes all preconceived ideas of what a Cambridge college is. I have always felt at home here, even though I am not at college as much as I would like."

"I love being at Lucy and it is a very different experience from the college that I was at as an undergrad and masters student."

"[My Tutor] has been so friendly and helpful and makes me feel like a genuine part of the broader Lucy Cavendish scene. She's wonderful! I feel 100% happy to have chosen this college."

If you are considering applying to Lucy Cavendish and would like to discuss your application, please contact our Postgrad Admissions Officer at

Part-time degrees at Cambridge include:

Master of Studies (MSt)

Master of Education (Med)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Doctor of Education (EdD)

A full list of Cambridge courses is available on the University website here. Use the search function at the top of the Postgrad Admissions page to filter part-time courses.

Postgraduate FAQs

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