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All new undergraduate students at our College will be expected to attend a Bridging Course immediately before the start of their first term at the University.

The purpose of the Bridging Course is to make sure that you get off to a flying start at Cambridge and thrive academically and personally from the very first week of your Tripos. On the Bridging Course you will:

  • Carry out at least one introductory assignment and attend a practice supervision on it; get feedback on how good your assignment is; see whether it is at the standard expected at this early stage of your studies; and learn how you might improve your assignments when you start your Tripos for real.
  • Meet your Tutor and your Director of Studies, and discuss with them any career ambitions you already have and how you might plan to take them forward through your studies.
  • Bridging week includes an introduction to reflective learning and you will be setting goals and reflecting upon them. You will discuss which additional academic skills sessions would most benefit you with your tutor and Director of Studies. 
  • Get to know the College and have an introduction to the Library and the IT facilities.
  • Have time to settle in to your room and to really get to know the other students in your year.
  • Have time to explore Cambridge and its transport system so you know where your Department is, where you will be going for lectures and lab sessions when Term starts, where the University Library is, and where the main shops, cafes and entertainment venues are in the city centre. We want you to feel confident by the time the Term actually starts.
  • Have the opportunity to buy a second-hand bike and practise riding it safely if you haven’t got one of your own!


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