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Right from the start of your time in college your Tutors and Directors of Studies will work with you to set your personal, career, and academic goals and will help you to review them regularly.

Your Director of Studies is responsible for overseeing your academic progress and acts as a link between your University Department and the College. They help you to plan your course of study where you have a choice of papers, they appoint your Supervisors, and give advice about dissertations and other academic matters.  You will meet your Director of Studies (or “DoS” as they are frequently called) during the Undergraduate Bridging Course.

Dr Tomi Baikie

Director of Studies in Physics, NanoDTC Translational Prize Fellow

Dr Renan Baker

Director of Studies in History Part I and Fellow, Researcher, Analyst, Philologist and Historian

Dr Bridget Bannerman

Researcher, Departments of Medicine and Biochemistry, Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Biological Part II Chemistry)

Dr Jurgen Becque

Lecturer in Structural Engineering, Director of Studies in Engineering

Dr Theresa Biberauer

Principal Research Associate, Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Bye-Fellow, Director of Studies in Linguistics

Dr Mary Brazelton

Director of Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, University Associate Professor in Global Studies of Science, Technology and Medicine

Professor Ruth Cameron

Head of Department, Materials Science and Metallurgy, Director, Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials, Fellow, Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Physical)

Professor Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger

Visiting Chair in Sustainable Development Law and Policy, Senior Director, Centre for International Sustainable Development Law, Director of Studies in LLM & MCL

Dr Corinne Duhig

Senior Fellow of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Director of Studies in Archaeology and Anthropology

Dr Xin Fan (范鑫)

Director of Studies in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies,Teaching Associate in Modern Chinese History at the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Dr John Fawcett

Director of Studies in Computer Science

Laura Frost

Director of Studies in Veterinary Sciences (Pre-clinical) Part I

Dr Julian Gilbey

Director of Studied in Mathemathics (Applied), CTO of Lyzeum Ltd, Researcher in image processing, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

Dr Johnhenry Gonzalez

Director of Studies in History Part I + History & Politics (History) and Fellow, University Assistant Professor in Caribbean History, Faculty of History

Dr Mark Hogarth

Researcher and Lecturer, Philosophy, Director of Studies in Philosophy, Bye-Fellow

Dr Morag Hunter

Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Earth Sciences), Research Scientist, Geology, Bye-Fellow

Dr Katie Keller

GP Training Hub Leader, Fellow, Director of Studies in Medicine (CGCM)

Dr Mark King

Admissions Director, Fellow, Director of Studies in History Part I

Dr Tanya King

Director of Studies in Veterinary medicine (Clinical) and Bye-Fellow

Prof Benedikt Löwe

Researcher in Mathematics, Director of Studies in Mathematics - Pure + Part II & III, Bye-Fellow

Dr Krishnaa Mahbubani

Post-doctoral Research Associate, Senior Study Manager for CBTM, Director of Studies in Chemical Engineering, Bye-Fellow

Howard Nelson

Lecturer in Conservation Leadership, Fellow, Director of Studies in Geography Part II

Dr Maria Antonieta Nestor

Director of Studies Law (Undergraduate Second Year), Engagement Manager at CCRC and Cambridge Zero

Dr Danielle Padley

Director of Sudies in Music, MD of Kol Echad Choir; Soprano; Voice Teacher

Dr Jonathan Padley

Affiliated Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Director of Studies in Education, Bye-Fellow

Dr Stuart Palmer

Director of Studies for the Foundation Year & Bye-Fellow

Dr Marissa Quie

Lecturer in Politics, Fellow, Director of Studies in HSPS

Ian Shields

DoS in HSPS (Politics) and Bye-Fellow, Teaching Associate at the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS)

Professor Neil Stott

Director of Studies in Management Studies, Management Practice Professor of Social Innovation, Director, Master of Studies in Social Innovation Programme, Co-Director, Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation

Dr Franziska Strack

Director of Studies in History and Politics (Political Theory), INT Fellow in the Politics of the Environment (Department of Politics and International Relations)

Dr Jeremy Thurlow

Affiliated Lecturer, Faculty of Music, Director of Studies in Music (mentor)

Mike Tuck

RIBA chartered architect and Director of Studies in Architecture (inc MPhil in Architecture & Urban Design), Bye-Fellow

Dr Clare Walker Gore

Director of Studies in English Part II and Bye-Fellow

Dr Giovanna Zinzalla

Bye-Fellow and Director of Studies in Pharmacology