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Like all Colleges, Lucy Cavendish is able to provide considerable financial support to undergraduate students. We do this primarily through three initiatives: the Cambridge Bursary Scheme, the Making the Most of Cambridge Fund and our Hardship Funds.


To find out more about the costs associated with living and studying in Cambridge, please visit our Fees and Funding page.

Cambridge Bursary Scheme

The scheme is based on assessment of household income by the Student Loans Company(SLC), so you must be eligible for and apply for a student loan for maintenance or tuition fees in order to be automatically assessed for a bursary under this scheme. You will need to reapply to SLC each year of your course. If your household income is less than £62,215 p.a. you should be eligible for a Bursary. 

In order to be assessed for a Cambridge Bursary, you must not tick the box opting out of sharing financial information with the University in your SLC application. 

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The scheme is centrally administered and the Bursary is paid directly to you by SLC but College contributes towards this. There is a requirement to demonstrate continuing academic endeavour throughout the course as well as continuing financial need as assessed by SLC.

Over one third of Lucy Cavendish UK first year undergraduates were eligible for support from the Cambridge Bursary in 2021-22.

For the 2024-25 academic year, Lucy Cavendish College students who are also Cambridge Bursary holders in College accommodation will receive a £500 rent bursary.


Making the Most of Cambridge Fund

We know from experience that those who optimise their co- and extra-curricular activities at Cambridge go on to perform better at Tripos.

Thanks to the generosity of donors during Giving Week, funding is available to enable you, as a student at Lucy Cavendish College, to ‘Make the Most of Cambridge’, enhancing your studies and ensuring you progress confidently in your chosen career.

The funding is available for:

  • Co-curricular activities, such as taking part in subject-focussed societies, academic conferences or field trips.
  • Participation in extra-curricular activities including volunteering, professional workshops, short career- and enterprise-related courses, boot-camps, sports teams (including subscription fees and/or sports kits), drama or music groups and other societies.

For more information and to apply please visit this page.


Financial Assistance

In addition to the above, Lucy Cavendish College also has funds set aside specifically to provide support to students who fall into unexpected financial difficulties. Students in need are able to contact their Tutor, who will make an application on their behalf. There are numerous ways in which we can support our students, from adding additional credit to their College account to enable them to purchase food in the College dining hall, to providing specific sums of money to help students through difficult periods of time.


Optimising Students' Futures Fund

Thanks to the generosity of donors during LucyGives Giving Week 2022, funding is available to enable you, as a student at Lucy Cavendish College, to ‘Optimise your future’, by gaining help towards the costs associated with work shadowing and internships. 

The funding is available for: 

  • Cost of living, accommodation and transport costs associated with work shadowing and internship opportunities  

Please note that this is a limited pot of funding and applications will be reviewed on a fortnightly, first come, first served basis until the funding runs out. 

Current students can find more information on this page.


Additional Financial Support Opportunities

Both the University and the College administer a range of funds:

  • The Cambridge Trust welcomes applications for financial support from overseas students who have received an offer from Lucy Cavendish. 

  • The Central Childcare Bursary Scheme welcomes funding applications from parents from the EU and overseas.  

  • The Hawks' Charitable Trust and the Eric Evans Fund welcome applications from elite sports people while the Instrumental Awards provides funding for talented musicians.

  • The Crane's Charity assists students who fall into hardship due to illness.

  • The COSARAF Charitable Foundation has established The Sheikh Family Bursaries in order to award hardship funds to undergraduate Muslim home students in financial need.

Small grants are also available from Lucy Cavendish College for costs associated with: 

  • Travel, Research, Conferences, Language Courses and Careers- or Enterprise-focused Short Courses

  •  Medical & Veterinary Electives 

  • Participating in elite Sport 


For current students interested in applying for support to enrich their Cambridge experience, please visit the Financial Support section of the members area of the College website.  

If you are a prospective applicant wishing to study at Lucy Cavendish in the future, or an offer holder, please contact our Admissions Team at for further information.

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