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­­­Lucy Cavendish offers several academic studentships, which are awarded competitively each year to postgraduate offer-holders. 

College studentships 

If you have an offer of a postgraduate place in College from September 2021 you will automatically be considered for a studentship. In the event of there being two equally qualified candidates for an award, additional consideration will be given to those nominating the College as their first choice.  

The deadline for most of these studentships is 31 March 2021 and regrettably our Studentship & Awards Committee is not able to consider applications from those who are made an offer after this date. 

Unless otherwise indicated, our studentships are open to PhD or Master’s applicants in any subject. We consider postgraduate offer-holders for the studentships listed below (amounts shown are current and may vary in future): 

  • The Becker Studentship, for Law students following LLM and MCL degrees. The current value of the Scholarship is around £3,000.

  • The Breaking Barriers Student Support Fund provides one Dominey Scholarship per year in support of a Postgraduate student. 

  • The Leigh Stoeber Studentship*, for Candidates of the MSt in Social Innovation who apply to the CCSI (Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation) Studentships. This award is dedicated to the memory of our much loved former Senior Tutor, Dr Leigh Stoeber. It has been made possible by the generosity of a donor to Lucy Cavendish College and is administered in partnership with Cambridge Judge Business School 

  • The Evelyn Povey Studentship for French Citizens and the Evelyn Povey Studentship in French Studies. Each has a value of around £2,500.

  • The Masterman Braithwaite Studentship, for students of Linguistics. 

  • The Lord Frederick Cavendish Studentship, open to any student. Value around £4,500.

  • The Dorothy and Joseph Needham Studentship, for students in the sciences.

  • The American Friends Studentships, for students from the USA and Canada. 

  • Lucy Cavendish College Master’s in Bioscience Enterprise Studentship. Value of £6,000 or £12,000. Candidates must select Lucy Cavendish as their first College choice. Candidates must have received an offer to join the Master’s in Bioscience Enterprise (MBE) programme in October 2021 and an offer of membership at Lucy Cavendish College. Applications are made directly to the MBE administration team. For more information on how to apply please visit the Departmental website.

You will be automatically considered for the studentships above if you receive an offer of membership from Lucy Cavendish by 31 March 2021, with the EXCEPTION of the Leigh Stoeber Studentship which is administered by the Judge Business School (see below for the application deadline information specific to this studentship) and the Lucy Cavendish College Master’s in Bioscience Enterprise Studentship which is administered by the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology.  Successful offer-holders for the above studentships will be notified in the second half of May, and no later than 31 May 2021.  If you have any queries please contact 

*You will have the opportunity to apply for the Leigh Stoeber Studentship once you have received a formal offer of a place on the MSt in Social Innovation programme the application deadline for which is the 31 March 2021. If you are successful in obtaining a place on the programme, you will be given information on how to submit your studentship application by the MSt in Social Innovation team. The deadline for the studentship application is by midnight on 17 May 2021 (extended from an original deadline of 30 April 2021).


Alternative sources of financial support 

You can search here ( to find funding opportunities which may be available to you at the University of Cambridge. 

The University offers travel grants for academic or research related activity, and you can contact the University’s Student Registry for more details on these. 

The Cambridge Trust also offers financial support to postgraduates. 

Other sources of support and advice may include: 


Support to enrich your Cambridge Experience 

Small grants are also available from Lucy Cavendish College for costs associated with: 

  •  Travel, Research, Conferences, Language Courses and Careers- or Enterprise-focused Short Courses

  • Medical & Veterinary Electives 

  • Participating in elite Sport 

For current students interested in applying for support to enrich their Cambridge experience, please visit the Financial Support section of the members area of the College website. 


If you are a prospective applicant wishing to study at Lucy Cavendish in the future, or an offer-holder, please contact our Admissions Team at for further information. 


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