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­­­Lucy Cavendish offers several academic studentships, which are awarded competitively each year to postgraduate offer-holders. 

College studentships 

For awards with a 31 March deadline - see ** below - our Studentship & Awards Committee contact successful offer-holders, and those on the reserve list for an award, no later than 31 May.  Offer-holders must have an offer of a Postgrad place at Cambridge and a College offer from Lucy Cavendish prior to the deadline of 31 March in order to be eligible for consideration.  Eligible offer-holders are assessed by our Committee on the basis of their application to Cambridge.

Unless otherwise specified PhD and Masters offer-holders are considered for all awards.  Part-time students are not usually considered, but some awards which we co-offer with departments are specifically for part-time students.

Amounts shown below are current and may vary from year to year.

We have reserve lists for the awards highlighted ** below and the Committee will re-offer the award if the original recipient is unable to accept.

**The Lucy Cavendish-Trinity Global Health Studentship An annual scholarship to support an MPhil Population Health Sciences student.  Value £30,000, to cover fees and living costs for a Home student and the majority of fees for an Overseas student.  There is no specific MPhil PHS stream or research preference, but the applicant must select Lucy Cavendish as first choice College.  Offer-holders are assessed on the basis of their application to Cambridge.

Faculty of History/Lucy Cavendish MPhil Studentship To support a nine month M.Phil student in the Faculty of History, covering the majority of fees and maintenance at Home rate.  The Studentship is valued at £23,292 and is tenable at Lucy Cavendish College.  The successful offer-holder will be required to transfer to Lucy Cavendish if they wish to accept the award.  No application is necessary: the Faculty of History will nominate offer-holders based on academic merit and will provide Lucy Cavendish with an offer-holder’s original application to Cambridge for consideration.

The Malati Kanbur Award for offer-holders following the Primary Care Research stream of the MPhil in Population Health Sciences, supervised by Professor Jonathan Mant, Head of Primary Care Unit, with an interest in focusing on stroke and elderly research in their dissertation. Offer-holders must make Lucy Cavendish their first choice College in their application to Cambridge, and the Department will nominate an offer-holder to receive the award from their pool of offer-holders for the course.  Information about this award can be found in the Postgrad Funding Search here.

Lucy Cavendish College Masters in Bioscience Enterprise Studentship Value of £6,000 or £12,000. Candidates must select Lucy Cavendish as their first College choice. Candidates must have received an offer to join the Masters in Bioscience Enterprise (MBE) programme and an offer of membership at Lucy Cavendish College. To apply for this funding applicants will be required to submit an application directly to the MBE administration team at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biosciences.  For information about this award please contact

**The Becker Studentship, for Law students following LLM and MCL degrees. The current value of the Scholarship is around £3,000Note the later deadline of 1 June for this award.

**The Breaking Barriers Student Support Fund provides one Dominey Scholarship per year in support of a Postgraduate student. 

**The Evelyn Povey Studentship for French Citizens and the Evelyn Povey Studentship in French Studies. Each has a value of around £2,500.

**The Masterman Braithwaite Studentship, for students of Linguistics. 

**The Lord Frederick Cavendish Studentship, open to any student. Value around £4,500.

**The Dorothy and Joseph Needham Studentship, for students in the sciences.

**The American Friends Studentships, for students from the USA and Canada.

**The Ernest Hecht Studentship to support mature female students from the UK, in any discipline. Value around £3,500.

**The Commemorative Bursaries to support students in the Arts. Value around £3,000.

**The Alumni Association Studentship available to current students continuing their studies at Lucy Cavendish.

The Leigh Stoeber Studentship for offer-holders of the MSt Social Innovation who apply to the CCSI (Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation) Studentships. This award is dedicated to the memory of our former Senior Tutor, Dr Leigh Stoeber, and has been made possible by the generosity of a donor to Lucy Cavendish College. The award is administered in partnership with the Judge Business School and offer-holders for this part-time M.St course have the opportunity to apply for the Leigh Stoeber Studentship if they receive a formal offer of a place on the course by the department deadline. Offer-holders will be provided with information about how to submit a studentship application by the M.St Social Innovation team, and must submit their application by the department deadline, usually in mid-May.

If you have any queries please contact

Alternative sources of financial support

The University of Cambridge Postgrad Funding Search is available to all offer-holders to find funding opportunities which may be available to them.

The University offers travel grants for academic or research related activity, and you can contact the University’s Student Registry for more details on these. 

The Cambridge Trust also offers financial support to postgraduates. 

Other sources of support and advice may include: 

 Hawks' Charitable Trust for outstanding sportsmen and sportswomen 

 Instrumental Awards for talented musicians 

 Central Childcare Bursary Scheme for parents from the EU and overseas 

Support to enrich your Cambridge Experience 

Small grants are also available from Lucy Cavendish College for costs associated with: 

Travel, Research, Conferences, Language Courses and Careers- or Enterprise-focused Short Courses

Medical & Veterinary Electives 

Participating in elite Sport 

For current students interested in applying for support to enrich their Cambridge experience, please visit the Financial Support section of the members area of the College website.

If you are a prospective applicant wishing to study at Lucy Cavendish in the future, or an offer-holder, please contact our Admissions Team at for further information. 

Making the Most of Cambridge Fund

We know from experience that those who optimise their co- and extra-curricular activities at Cambridge go on to perform better in their degree.

Thanks to the generosity of donors during our annual Giving Week, funding is available to enable students at Lucy Cavendish College, to ‘Make the Most of Cambridge’, enhancing their studies and ensuring they progress confidently in their chosen career.

The funding is available for:

Co-curricular activities, such as taking part in subject-focused societies, academic conferences or field trips.

Participation in extra-curricular activities including volunteering, professional workshops, short career- and enterprise-related courses, boot-camps, sports teams (including subscription fees and/or sports kits), drama or music groups and other societies.

For more information and to apply please visit our Finance page, accessible to offer-holders and current students only using the link and log-in from their membership email from Lucy Cavendish.

Optimising Students' Futures Fund

Thanks to the generosity of donors during LucyGives Giving Week 2022, funding is available to enable you, as a student at Lucy Cavendish College, to ‘Optimise your future’, by gaining help towards the costs associated with work shadowing and internships. 

The funding is available for: 

  • Cost of living, accommodation and transport costs associated with work shadowing and internship opportunities  

Please note that this is a limited pot of funding and applications will be reviewed on a fortnightly, first come, first served basis until the funding runs out. 

For more information and to apply please visit this page, accessible to offer-holders and current students only using the link and log-in from their membership email from Lucy Cavendish.

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