­­­Lucy Cavendish offers several  academic studentships, which are awarded competitively each year, to postgraduate offer-holders.

Academic studentships

If you have an offer of a postgraduate place in College from September 2020 we very much hope you will apply for a studentship.  In the event of there being two equally qualified candidates for an award, additional consideration will be given to those nominating the College as their first choice. 

The competition for Lucy Cavendish studentships is now open for 2020 entry.  The deadline is 28 February 2020 and regrettably our Studentship & Bursary Committee is not able to accept late applications.

Unless otherwise indicated, our studentships are open to PhD applicants in any subject, and MPhil applicants intending to embark on further research study.  We also consider postgraduate offer-holders for the studentships listed below (amounts shown are current and may vary in future):

  • The Becker Scholarship, for law students following LLM and MCL degrees. The current value of the Scholarship is around £4,500
  • The Evelyn Povey Studentship for French Citizens and the Evelyn Povey Studentship in French Studies. Each has a value of around £4,500
  • The Masterman Braithwaite Studentship, for students of Linguistics. Value up to £6,000
  • The Lord Frederick Cavendish Studentship, open to any student. Value around £4,500
  • The Dorothy and Joseph Needham Studentship, for students in the sciences
  • The American Friends Studentships, for students from the USA and Canada.
  • The Breaking Barriers Student Support Fund provides one Dominey Scholarship per year in support of a Postgraduate student.

The last two are lower value awards.  To apply for a studentship, or to discuss which studentships may be available to you, please contact our Development Office on development@lucy.cam.ac.uk

Sources of financial support

You can search here (https://www.student-funding.cam.ac.uk/) to find funding opportunities which may be available to you at the University of Cambridge.

The University offers travel grants for academic or research related activity, and you can contact the University’s Student Registry for more details of these.

The Cambridge Trust also offers financial support to postgraduates.

Other sources of support and advice may include:


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