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We make Masters and Doctoral students particularly welcome at Lucy Cavendish, building on our 50 years of experience in supporting and providing for students over the age of 21.

We aim to help you make every stage of your study in Cambridge enjoyable and productive.

We invite you to join us for at least a day in advance of the Michaelmas [Christmas/Fall] Term to welcome you to the College. We will show you around College, give you an induction to the Library and introduce you to the key people you need to know including your Tutor.

There is a wide range of accommodation available for our Postgraduates both on and near our campus, or you can arrange your own accommodation if you prefer.  For full details of the accommodation we have available follow this link to our Accommodation page.

When you arrive

Your first week in College will be an Induction Week.

The Induction Programme, delivered by the College and the Students' Union, covers the following topics:

  • Settling into your accommodation and into the College including an introduction to the Library
  • Meeting your personal Tutor in the College and getting to know other students
  • Getting information on registering with a GP and other processes
  • Informal social events where you can meet other students, make new friends, and share your experiences
  • Being shown round Cambridge so that you are familiar with where your Department is.

The Student Office will give you a registration pack with information about how to get support when you need it. Pop in to see them with any questions!

The University Freshers' Fair takes place in the first week of Term, and is a great way to find out about all the clubs and societies you could join in the University.  Postgraduates and undergraduates are equally welcome in the vast majority of clubs and societies.

You will attend a matriculation ceremony, where you will formally become a member of the College and University, and afterwards join other students and Fellows for dinner at Formal Hall.

Later in the year

We run an Academic Skills programme and a Careers programme during the year which you are invited to join to get the best outcomes from your academic studies and find the best opportunities for taking forward your career plans.  These programmes are carefully aligned with the academic year.  The Academic Skills programme, for example, includes seminars on presentation skills, time management and preparing for fieldwork.

Postgraduate and Postdoctoral members of our College organise a joint programme of seminars each term, as well as the College’s Research Day in the Lent (Spring) Term. The Research Day provides students with the opportunity to present their work or to present a Poster to a group of their peers, supervisors and Fellows of the College.  The best presentations may be turned into podcasts.

If you have any concerns, your Tutor and the Student Office are there to help. Your Tutor is also the first point of contact to other services within the College and University.  You can contact your Tutor through their regular office hours, or by sending them an email to arrange an appointment.

The Student Office can assist with matters such as letters for opening bank accounts or for council tax, and will also arrange all administrative matters to do with your arrival, matriculation, exams and eventual graduation. 

We also have a Counsellor in College two days a week and a member of the University Careers Service team regularly on site in term time.  You can book an individual slot with either of these.

But it’s not all focused on academic work! There are social events for Postgraduates throughout the year, and a Formal Hall specifically for you and your guests once each term.  In addition, of course, you will be more than welcome at any of our Formal Halls.

Student wellbeing

We realise that studying at Cambridge can be challenging, and are committed to supporting students during their time with us.  For full details of what we can do to help, please refer to our student wellbeing page.

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