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Here you can find out what it costs to live and study at Cambridge.

The cost of studying here falls broadly into two categories:

  • Tuition fees (which includes University Fee and College Fee)
  • Living costs (accommodation, food, study materials, personal expenses, transport etc.).

Tuition fees differ depending on whether you are a ‘home’ student (UK) or an international student; international student fees also vary depending on the type of course. Detailed information is available on the University website, which also describes Government support available:

University current information about undergraduate fees

At Lucy Cavendish, we provide advice and support around budgeting and finances to both offer holders and current students. We do this through our offer holder sessions, bridging course, and student support systems.

Living Costs

Living costs are lifestyle-dependent but are similar for both home and international students. This will increase significantly if students from outside the UK stay in Cambridge during the summer vacation. 

For more information about living costs please visit the University's website.

All you need to know about accommodation at Lucy Cavendish College.

Financial support

The cost of studying at Cambridge can seem daunting, but a range of funds are available to both first-time undergraduates and affiliated students once they arrive here. Offer-holders may be considered for awards from some of these funds in advance.  You can find out about these by going to our 'studentship and awards' page.

Financial Information US students

The following information is shown here due to US Government regulations:

US loans page: US loans | Cambridge students

Consumer information page: Consumer information | Cambridge students

All other financial information is available to offer holders and current students in the Members area.

Studentships and awards for undergraduates

Learn more about the financial support available to undergraduates at Lucy Cavendish.

Studentships and awards for postgraduates

Lucy Cavendish offers several academic studentships, which are awarded competitively each year to postgraduate offer-holders.