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College Prizes for students' achievements were awarded last week at a dedicated Formal Hall.

Alumni, Fellows, donors, students and staff gathered on Thursday 3rd February 2022 to celebrate student achievements and the generosity of the donors who support them through College Prizes.

College President Madeleine Atkins said:

“The Student Success Formal Hall is a great opportunity for us to celebrate all the hard work that takes place over the year. We are incredibly proud of the academic achievements of our students, and also very grateful for the generosity of our alumni and supporters who make it possible for us to reward them every year.”

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Below is the complete list of the 2020/21 prizes.

Alumni Association Prize for Graduate Excellence

Shuyang Wang (Micro- and Nanotechnology Enterprise)

Berti Sapir Medical Prize for the student with the best results in Clinical Stage Three (Final year)

Lindsay Malone

Gyll Moore Prize for a Student Gaining a First Class Degree, preferably in Arts or Humanities

Hephzibah Hermione Colquhoun (Human, Social & Political Sciences)

Jackie Ashley Prize for best results in Politics

Miriam Dzah (Human, Social & Political Sciences)

Janet Todd Prize for Academic Excellence

Jiawei Lu (Scientific Computing)

Kate Bertram Prize(s) for First Class Results in non-Tripos exams

Elise Bayraktar (Mathematics), Lylaah Bhalerao (Classics), Aisling Gilgeours (Sociology), Lucy Howie (History of Art & Architecture), Amelia Jabry (Sociology), Xinyi Liu (Mathematics), Muyang Lyu (MCL), Fabiana Piccoli Araujo Santos (LLM), Madalina Piscu (Social Innovation), Ira Poensgen (Environmental Policy), Christiane Riedinger (Primary Care), Alexandrine Royer (Social Anthropology), Jennifer Semler (Philosophy), Lara Shirra White (Development Studies), Camilla Tacconis (Physics), Ruoyu Yin (Epidemiology), Ran Zhang (MCL)

Madeleine Jörgensen Prize for First Class Results in Tripos

Zara Neill (English), Katie Wright (English)

Margaret Spufford Memorial Prize

Madeleine Rouot (Political Thought & Intellectual History)

Marie Lawrence Prize(s) for First Class Results in Tripos

Astrid Broden (Human, Social & Political Sciences), Karolien Celie (Law), Larissa d’Arenberg (Human, Social & Political Sciences), Clemency Neville (Law), Abiola Ogbara (Human, Social & Political Sciences), Meredith Phillips (Law), Imani Thompson (Human, Social & Political Sciences), Ashling Williams (Human, Social & Political Sciences), Hoi Ning Kelly Yu (Law)

Simms Prize for best results in Education

Natalie Abbott, Meret Hansen, Yueyi Huang, Mary Johnson, Xiaoling Wu

Alumni Association Prize for Contribution to the Arts

Anna-Theresa Muent

Annabelle Dixon Prize for the student who has made the most of her time at Lucy Cavendish

Natalie Abbott, Harriet Rhodes

Dame Veronica Sutherland College Prize(s) for Sporting Blues in Rowing

Lea Baltussen, Anouschka Fenley, Sarah Tisdall

Emmeline Pankhurst Prize for Contribution to College Life

Jana Hochel, Shuwen Deng

Mary Wollstonecraft Prize

Athina Aruldass

Myson College Exhibition for Personal Achievement

Joanna Martino-Boulton, Joanna Symonowicz

Senior Tutor’s Prize(s) for Sporting Blues

Diana Bevan (Hockey), Katherine Kirk (Real Tennis), Sarah Tisdall (Athletics)