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Bruno Cotta talks about Cambridge’s recipe for innovation success: science, skills, space, capital and networks

Bruno Cotta, Executive Director, Entrepreneurship Centre, Cambridge Judge Business School and Lucy Cavendish College Fellow, has established a small satellite office at the Bradfield Centre co-working facility at Cambridge Science Park and was a guest in their latest podcast, discussing his thoughts on the evolution of the unique innovation ecosystem here in Cambridge.

Listen to Bruno's podcast here

In the podcast he shares some of his personal journey, the role of the Business School in supporting entrepreneurs, how the Centre is adapting to COVID and how the two organisations are collaborating. 

Bruno hopes to see Lucy’s enterprising students and their companies there in the future and is happy to connect with new members of the College’s growing community who have promising ideas for new ventures, as well as Lucy’s entrepreneurial alumni who may be interested in supporting our next generation of innovators. 

The Bradfield Centre’s facilities are designed to accelerate businesses to new levels. The aim is to attract smart, ambitious, like-minded entrepreneurs and companies from both Cambridge and around the world; co-locate them in scalable, state-of-the-art facilities; immerse them in a collaborative, entrepreneurial culture; and connect them to investors, partners, mentors, advisers and potential customers. The Bradfield Centre is designed with one goal in mind – to help grow Cambridge-based businesses to a large-scale.

Bruno also published a short feature on entrepreneurial mindset in the latest IQ magazine where he discusses the attributes of the next generation of leaders and managers.

Read Bruno's feature article here

(pp. 24-25)