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Creativity and skill - two winners announced and several commended in the College’s photo competition

Lucy Cavendish students took part in a photography competition this term, where they had the opportunity to enter their photos into two categories - Autumn in Cambridge and Change.

Dr Jane Goodall, Lecturer, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine and Lucy Fellow, was one of the judges for the competition and fed back that the photos were absolutely outstanding, and the range of creativeness and skill shown by the photographers made the job of judging extremely difficult. Deciding between an incredible 71 entries, Autumn Happiness by Matilde Azeiteiro de Almeida Duarte was chosen as the winner in the category Autumn in Cambridge, and The changes of life: Face mask also needs sunshine, from Lucy Cavendish library by Fang Deng from the category Change.

Jane comments on the winner for Autumn in Cambridge:

“The photographer uses a bold composition, with beautiful colour, and conveying the joy of autumn though the subject holding the leaf to the camera.  The image shows that it is the season of leaves falling, soft light and rich colour, but yet this image is saying more than that, the student is softly focussed and the smile half revealed. Is the photographer providing an allegorical meaning to the photograph, symbolising hope, yet guarded optimism about the future?”  

Autumn in Cambridge

Winner (shown above):           

Autumn Happiness, Matilde Azeiteiro de Almeida Duarte

Highly Commended:   

Don’t leaf me this way, Emma Perry

Don't leaf me this way

Castle Street, Miriam Dzah

Castle Street

Breeze Time, Xueqing Lai

Breeze Time


mind BLOWN, Michelle Miniter

mind BLOWN

Morning Rays of Trinity, Linda Arroyo

Morning Rays of Trinity

Frosty Mornings by the River Cam, Marta Mitrofanovaite

Frosty Mornings by the River Cam


The changes of life: Face mask also needs sunshine, from Lucy Cavendish library, Fang Deng

Jane comments:

“A bold image, with strong lines and structure, with gorgeous dark and sultry colours. The strong architectural form contrasts with the flimsy nature of the mask, cast aside while the student focuses on their work. Despite the darkness, the light is streaming through the window, suggesting that for this instant, the student sees and feels the light and radiance of the sunshine. A beautiful image and strong narrative made this a winner for ‘Change’.”


The changes of life

Highly Commended: 

Metamorphosis in Green, Olivia Knutson

Metamorphosis in Green

Fleeting, Huang Yueyi 



Change Starts in the Heart, Xiaoling Wu

Change Starts in the Heart

You can view the competition photo gallery here

or go straight to Autumn in Cambridge or Change